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Baratza Sette 270
I am seriously considering the $400 Baratza Sette 270 as my next grinder. I grind for espresso only but it grinds for French press as well. The Sette has some features that look great. The features that I find most attractive are:

1...Extremely easy to clean and nearly zero grounds left in the chute. Burr removal for cleaning is very easy.
2...Stepless micro burr adjustment in addition to the stepped macro adjustment.
3...Plenty of power to grind the hardest beans. 270 watt high torque motor.
4...Programmable timed dosing with pause.
5...Best Hopper closure I have seen. Closes above the burrs so is easier to open/close with minimal beans left.
6...Extremely consistent grounds.
7...Extremely fast grinding without heating the beans (supposedly). 18 grams in 4.5 seconds.
8...No clumping of grounds and grounds fall directly into the portafilter.
9...Adjustable portafilter holder and it is not a plastic add on.
10. The burrs are manufactured and designed in Liechtenstein and not China or the US.
11. Modern design is cool looking. A big #7, sette is seven in Italian.

Things I do not like:

1. Quite loud but for just 4.5 seconds.
2. Entirely plastic shell (weight).
3. Longevity/reliability is unknown due to having been out for only about a year. Suspect 2 years only but who knows.
4. Cost, if it lasts just 2 years that would be about 55 cents a day to grind coffee. If 10 years, about 10 cents.
5. The motor gets hot if you do not wait sixty seconds between shots. I am thinking a motor cooling fan will come in future models. Still, at home, especially for one person, it is not a problem and I did want a powerful motor.


A portafilter ring, collar, funnel eliminates mess from the falling ground coffee and can be made from a plastic yogurt container I am looking at other alternatives. I use a triple basket in my bottomless portafilter and grind 18 grams so there is no mess from over filling and will not plug the chute.

Photo is of the 270W
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"Espresso is a miracle of chemistry in a cup."
Andrea Illy
It seems the problems with earlier versions have been rectified not to say you will never have a problem but I am much more confident in purchasing one of these.

I inquired at Baratza support regarding parts availability and prices and got this reply:

Rachel replied
Aug 22, 10:22am
Hi Tim,

I understand your concern around part availability, that is also an important subject for us. We continue to offer parts even for our discontinued models like the Maestro Plus and Preciso. We did have a number of issues with the Sette in the early days and have been working to take care of those customers directly, without asking them to pay for parts. Although Sette parts are not available online currently, we will have parts available for the Sette in the future.

The motor is manufactured by a private supplier and I don't have retail prices for the motor or top burr, as we haven't established them yet. The burrs should last for around 500 pounds of grinding but I understand your forward thinking. Replacing the top burr requires gearbox disassembly- we may end up offering an exchange or rebuild service as assembling the gearbox properly is critical. I suspect a replacement gearbox/top burr assembly will be priced around $100.

I am confident that if you purchased a Sette 270, you would not experience any motor failure! That being said, our grinders do come with a one year warranty which covers all defects in materials and workmanship, including free ground transportation to and from our repair facility in the US, so you can rest assured that if you purchased a Sette, you would be completely covered.

Let us know if you have any other questions,

"Espresso is a miracle of chemistry in a cup."
Andrea Illy
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