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Regarding Downtime (8/19/18-8/23/18)
HR Members,

I apologize for the downtime the past couple of days. The beginning of 2018 brought about new rules regarding domain contact information requiring that it be up-to-date and verified. As the HR domain was transferred into my account a few months back and verified we were good to go.

Fast forward to this morning when I got the notification from HR administrators that we'd been down for some time I quickly investigated the issue and found it to be directly related to the contact information not showing as verified for this domain.


After conversation with domain support regarding the issue, I was told the issue was in fact not on my end, but with our upstream provider.

As a result of the downtime caused by our provider which only affected .org domains, we we compensated by getting an entire years renewal fee free of charge. HR now doesn't need to get renewed until 2020.


My sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused. This is the first time I've seen this happen in my 19 years as a webmaster.

Kind Regards,
Brandon (NetriX)
Thanks for the update, much appreciated.
Randy G
We all knew it was something like that!

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That free year is a great benefit from the short-lived inconvenience ! Nice work in tracking down the cause and getting it fixed.
So many beans; so little time....
Brandon, thanks for searching out the remedy and getting it fixed! Much appreciated.

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p.s., like the new Ginny ribbon!
+1 to the new ribbon.

Great of you to post that it was not on you, but was due to the provider.
Great that you followed up too.

I take access to this site for granted, until I cannot.

Thank you for all that you do,
Backwoods Roaster
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