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USA Tariff fee
I'm looking to order a bullet in the next month or so. I'm just trying to estimate my overall cost. I know some people have not been hit with tariff fees, but for the ones who have, how much are we talking about?
My friend got hit with a 21% tariff last week (Brazil). Where is your bullet coming from?

Update: I was looking into this and found something useful for anyone thinking of importing and wondering the tariffs. This site has a duty calculator here: https://customsdutyfree.com/duty-calculator/

Check it out I think it will be useful.
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It's coming direct from Aillio. Without getting political, I hope the US administration's tariff war will not impact the importation of something from Taiwan drasitcally.
Most Huky’s coming in from Taiwan are duty free; they run around 1400$ and up. They ship thru the Post Office and I shipped a smaller roaster to myself recently SAL (surface air lift); no duty charged.

SM is most likely getting a container of Bullets, so shipping from Taiwan would be quicker.
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