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A series of failures & successes
OK the following are a series of Roasters I have built and some have worked others were not so succesful

Up first is a modified Popcorn Popper.
I used the Chaff catcher from a Melita Aroma roaster (About $12.00)
A pop corn popper from goodwill ($2.38)
A piece of sheet metal 0.75

Process was to make an extension of the heating chamber to fit into the Aroma roaster chaff catcher.
I could do about 3 ounces at a time .

The plastic did start to melt and occasionally the thermostat would "pop"
First picture is an arial view
ChefJohn attached the following image:

Edited by ChefJohn on 07/30/2007 9:00 PM
Side picture showing extension tube for mounting the chaff catcher
ChefJohn attached the following image:

Edited by ChefJohn on 07/30/2007 9:00 PM
Close up showing melted plastic
ChefJohn attached the following image:

Edited by ChefJohn on 07/30/2007 9:00 PM
SO this one was good for about 3 ounces +/- OK but I wanted bigger!
When the top Filter and chimney was in place It looked like the TinMan from the wizard of OZ.

THis was a 12Qr Stainless pot... Da*& even Cheeap thin Stainless is Hard to cut.
Into the side went a Furnace duct elbow pointing down.

THen Pot was placed over a propane burner. A leaf blower was placed on the outside of the pot attached via dryer vent.
Green beans were place in the top of the chimney (attached to the lid).

OK it rotated the beans but the airflow was too great to let the beans get up to any resemblence of roasting Temperature.
THis picture is looking down into the pot
ChefJohn attached the following image:
This is a side view showing the side port where the leaf blower was attched the lid to the pot was attached with heatproof duct tape
THe chimney with a filter was placed on top of the pipe sticking out of the lid and this was then capped with a chimney vent
(Sadly these are now los to the ages of time/move

But it didn't work
ChefJohn attached the following image:
OK this was propane powered - The burner from the previous experiment.
I turned it upside down
used angle metal a Steel garbage pail - a barbecue rotisserie that had a split shaft - that held a saucepan lid on one end.

Two or three pieces of angle metal were placed inside to act as paddles to agitate the roasting beans. Another piece of brace went through the middle and supported the basket as it rotated.

At the end of raosting the burner was turned off and the shaft undone tilted and drained into a colander
Could easily handle 1lb at a time .....
ChefJohn attached the following image:

Edited by ChefJohn on 07/30/2007 9:31 PM
Unfortunately this was left out and the wire basket rusted out.
This one did work although I felt that the taste of the end result was "lacking"
ChefJohn attached the following image:
This one used an electric wok (4.38 Good will) and damm&^ steel again ... but thats what dremels are for.

The plan on this one was to use a heat gun ($9.00 =/- Harbor frieght + assorted heat gun nozzles $4.00) to circulate the green beans applying heat while the wok also applied heat ....
After a couple of hours cursing I was able to position the spreader of the heat gun in the side.... However the gun was not powerful enough to circulate the beans. I did "do" a roast using the wok element and the heat gun from the top - didn't weigh it but it was about 2 styro foam cups full.
1st picture arial shot showing the heat gun spreader in the side ... I may try a different airflow source.
ChefJohn attached the following image:
Heat gun attached to outside of spreader
ChefJohn attached the following image:
Side picture... THis may be investigated further ,,,, But I have just acquired what maybe the answer.
ChefJohn attached the following image:
OK I just acquired what appears to be a black metal (cast Iron?) nut roaster.
At least I think that is what it is. ($12.38 Goodwill)

I will attempt to get pictures before Wednesday.

But as a decription. It appears like a dutch oven with a hinged lid.. held down by a couple of wing nuts.
Through the centre of the lid is a shaft attached to a "paddle" structure. THe top of the shaft has a square shape that a handle fits on.

I plan on removing the handle attacheing a pulley then getting a motor & pulley (might have to use a chain because of the heat). using that to rotoate the paddle.

The unit will sit over a propane burner. I have to figure out how to monitor the roast progress. I alos have to figure out how to easily dum the beans when they are done ......
details details details - pictures to follow,,,,
Hey, What happened to my post? It was number 4.

Anyway, thanks for you entry, John, glad to see you got the photo thing figured out. Dan
Hello. I'm David and I am addicted to Tinkering.

Hello, David.

I have often thought of quitting. But, alas, I find myself returning to this source of pleasure over and over. I'm not ready to tell my full story, but I want you to know that I was inspired by your story, ChefJohn. How I wish I could have talked to someone about all the failures (all the bread machine carcasses / the melted heat guns) scattered along the road of my descent. Oy, oy.

I knew immediately that I would nominate you for an Honorable Mention for "The Courage to Fail, Repeatedly." Such a story. And with pictures yet!

I feel so at home here.

Welcome to Tinkerers Anonymous. We have chapters all around the globe, you know.

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