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How to - faster drying time

I am trying to do a 4-4-4 roast on my B-2K. I typically see:

bean drop to end of drying = 6:00 mins

end of drying to first crack = 4:30 mins

first crack to end of roast = 2:30 mins

I drop beans at 210F (displayed temp) and figure EOD at 270F (displayed temp) because I am thinking my bean temp is roughly 30F higher than displayed temp.

I roast outside and its been cool. So, I reduced the amount of beans I use from 9oz down to 8oz. This has made a slight improvement in reducing the time to EOD. However, since the fan is off and heat is at 100% I don't see how I can speed up drying. Any suggestions? Less beans? Higher charge temp?

I set the fan to 25% and heat to 70% when I approach first crack (15F lower than start of FC) and leave it that way till I eject the beans. I think setting the fan to 50% ( with the cooler outside temps ) will slow down my crack time and get me closer to 4 mins.

Looking for ways to speed up drying time. Seems like I got my HT maxed out and still seeing a long drying time.

Thanks -FB
Nope, beans is never hotter than displayed, conversely.
What is displayed temperature, air or beans probe ?
The bean probe measure a mix of beans (cool) and air (hot) temperatures, and the truth is somewhere inbetween.

You can verify this by dumping the beans when display say 210F/98C, into a thermos who previously been heated with boiled water (210F), thus no temperature loss should occur... Measure beans temp with a thermometer and I bet you will see something in the 150F/70C ballpark, That is the real beans temp...

I would load higher, at least 320F/170C, I am usually loading at 400F/200C in my non-HT machine.
Also, start with 10-20% airflow, convection heat always better than the so called "conduction".
The B2k controls allow for fan changes in 25% increments and heat changes in 10% increments.

This HT model has a single thermocouple. This allows the machine to display the temperature of the roasting drum only. I can only infer the bean temperature by seeing/hearing/smelling what is happening to the beans at the displayed roasting drum temperature. From this, I get a mean bean temperature that is about 30F higher than the displayed roasting drum temperature.

I was afraid of loading at too high a temperature because it might rush too fast through drying. I've read that drying should be neither too fast nor too slow. Mind you, the HT auto profile tells you to load means at 167F. I'll start increasing my charge temp to get a shorter drying time.

Hmmm .... fan? So, your saying that air flow would increase the temperature during drying? I use it to sporadically to get rid of moisture, thinking the fan would decrease my rate of temperature rise during this period.

Also, I have heat at 100% right up till just before 1st crack.

Thanks for your suggestions! -FB
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