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Zen Roaster I
Please put this back where you got it !! :@

Ok to copy, but not to move it out of the contest area.

It has disappeared and already John has PM'ed me wondering where it went.

Not an issue. I setup the access right here for you and John. I was simply trying something.
Got tired and decided to wait until today; also to see what, if any comments were made.

thanks for the comments.


Edited by ginny on 08/21/2007 4:34 PM
So, are we good to go or is this thread still open to all?

Looking forward to this. It should be fun and a great learning experience all around (myself included).

This thread will always be open to members as part of the Roaster Contest. I only moved it yesterday to see if I could make something work for you guys and your project.

The only way to have you work on your project is to setup a forum for it and that has been done.
David has actually posted there already. Click under Discussion Forum and you will see the David and John Project.

That is where you and David will be located for your project.

You know, I hate when I have a brain fade. I knew that. :(

Although I see it is locked and I can not currently post to it. I assume that bug has to be worked out still.
Edited by Alchemist on 08/21/2007 4:57 PM
actually john you should be able to post to that, click on it and post...

but the reason it got locked was so that you and David would remember to start a NEW POST
to begin your project with...

no big deal you can start it where ever you want.

Actually, either I am being incredibly dense or I can't start a new post or topic. None of those options are available to me. I recall seeing moderator abilities last night, but nothing at all now. Would you like to take this to PM so as not to clutter up more than necessary?
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