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Hottop KN-8828B-2K+ Roast Speed Slowing
I've had this machine for about two years, and did a large cleaning a few months ago with filter replacement. I'm looking now at roast profiles from when I first got the machine, and it's taking a lot longer for the same roast now than it did new. I'm also seeing a much lower topping point. Seems like it's struggling to perform the same. Any ideas?
Are you roasting in the same location as previous? Would be with checking mains voltage at the outlet you use for roasting as you could potentially have variation at different times of day or locations in your home.
It sounds like there may be a problem with your heating element. Touch base with Randy at Hottop, he will have suggestions for you to try.
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FYI, Randy is no longer at Hottop.
A lot longer? Could you elaborate. My understanding is that tipping relates to the beans ... not the roaster. Density I think. Its a year later, hopefully different beans, probably a diff ambient temperature and maybe diff humidity. The only thing that seems the same to me is the HotTop itself. It only takes a tiny change in these things to change the roast. I mean a tiny change.

I have a B2k and do manual roasting. I will do 3-4 roasts each time I get the machine out. Clean the machine a bit between roasts but very well each time I put it away. Each roast is slightly different. Dunno ... residual heat probably; a thermal inertia. My strategy is simple and it works fairly well: 7 ounces, 270F bean drop, 4 mins to end of dry, 4 mins to 1st crack and 4 mins to bean eject. I have to adjust fan and heat the entire time but it all works out well as long as I buy beans in my taste profile.
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