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TC4 connect to Raspberry Pi
hello all that were following this post, all hooked up today and the TC4 is working perfect! fan and heat controls! mind you we have to redesign the heating system as its more of a warm fart in the wind but the rest is perfect.

with the TC4 i need to figure out what the TC4 SV display is for? anyone??

AGAIN i cant post pictures, so here is a link https://photos.ap...VnfiLVCLi7
Set Value, known also as current setpoint (SP)
It is displayed when you roast following a profile, driven by PID controller.
This value is used by controller to compute an error, as the difference between the desired setpoint (SV), and a measured process variable (BT or sometimes ET), and the output of this computation is used to control the heater in order to minimise the error.
Thankyou that would explain why nothing was showing on it as I was not following anything.. more of a first test run
I know this thread is a couple of years old but browsing through it has really helped me get my TC4C+ talking to my Raspberry Pi.

Thank you .
MrB, glad we were able to help get your TC4C talking to your raspberry. We've got some great electronics and digital folks here who are a great resource and willing to share their time. ThumbsUp
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