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Hello from a total newbie
Hi all,

I am completely new to coffee roasting and am a little overwhelmed at the moment. I?ve borrowed a friend?s Behmor 1600 Plus and tried to follow the instructions in the manual and had an unsuccessful first batch. I don?t think I ever heard first crack, so I figured I missed it and because I didn?t want to burn the coffee I started the cooling process way to early. Basically I am clueless. I?ve read the manual over many times and also consulted a few articles on the net but I still find all the information about times and profiles confusing. Can someone give me simplified instructions if I want to roast a quarter pound of Guatemalan coffee using the 1600 Plus? I know I?m supposed to try four batches to get a feel for doing this, but I?d like some guidance before I do the next one.

Thanks in advance!

Welcome !
There is a Behmor subforum here:
... would be a good idea to cross-post this question there also
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