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Hello everyone
I roasted in a skillet from about '05 to '08. Got a Behmor 1600AB two-weeks ago and learning how to use it. Have done four 1/4 lb roasts. The first three were very dark brown, nearly black. Coffee tasted good but none of those apple, stone fruit notes. The last one, today, I put the machine into cool earlier and opened the door some so it would cool faster. Color is dark chocolate and will taste it Thursday.

Tried to log temps using the time in the LED display. Gets pretty confusing since that time resets with the 30 second countdown, the "C" press at 1st crack and again at cooldown. Next time will use the phone stopwatch ap as timer. I've seen it suggested to track the time the beans turn yellow. Probably because of the bulb in the roaster I can't see the beans turn yellow but saw somewhere that the color change occurs at the same time the chaff first starts to fly. True?

Here is a pic of today's roast. Looks black but actually more like dark chocolate.
Look forward to your advice and suggestions.
Welcome to HRO Skillet!
Definitely difficult at best to see yellow through the glass, chaff collector and wire mesh. Go for highest power mode available and longest time (1lb setting) and log time after beginning of rolling first crack. Depending on level of roast desired, find appropriate development time and hit cool to stop roast. I also open the door at that time even though some chaff blows out. This speeds up cooldown considerably. Try this and also experiment with lower power settings when roasting less than 1/2 lb to extend time to first crack. Don't feel bad if you glazed over while reading the several thousand posts on the 1 million + ways to use P1-P3, ABC, lb setting and correcting for phase of the moon to get that perfect roast. All rubbish!

BTW, you will need to be on the lighter side of development to get any of those subtle notes SM described.
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