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New Roaster - Roasting too dark before cracking subsides
I'm just getting into roasting. I was just gifted an SR540 and I've been through a pound of an Ethiopian bean with nothing incredible, but also nothing too terrible (other than one instance of very underdeveloped internal beans). I've been through two roasts of Flores Wolo Bobo and both times I've ended up with charcoal. The beans get very dark and smokey before the rolling crack has definitively subsided (ignore the second crack info in the first profile. That was revisionist history and I now doubt it's accuracy). I read through the "Roasting 101 Basics" post that talks about 4-5 minutes of dry time to yellow, 4-5 minutes of browning to first crack, and at least 2 minutes of development, so I tried to stretch out my roasting time to allow for adequate development. But the beans get really dark really fast at the end and I can still hear cracking. Do y'all think this is an instance of not being able to distinguish first and second crack (something I don't think I had an issue with while roasting the Ethiopian beans) or do you see some other flaw in my approach? I'm aiming to dry around 350 which I get to with max fan and min power, and then slowly increase the heat and decrease the fan until the roast is over. I've included my roasting logs (manually tracked with Google Sheets). I'm planning on leaving the fan speed higher and increasing the power to shorten first crack, but I'd rather not blow through a whole pound of these beans without roasting anything palatable if there is an obvious flaw in my approach. Thanks for your help!
msodacan attached the following images:
wolobobo2.png wolobobo1.png
The power management is strange, imo.
Do you have any mean to measure hot air temperature in this machine?
Do you preheat ?
I would try to probe the hot air temperature for various power levels, with fan at a fixed level, then follow the basic roast formula discussed here:
Would not play with fan for the start.
Edited by renatoa on 11/29/2019 1:23 AM
Thanks! That really gives me an idea of what to go for next time. I'm assuming that the SR540 measures the temperature of the air going into the chamber since there aren't any wires going into the chamber or in the chaff collector. I'll have to verify. I actually did go through and plot temp v power at 5 fan. I'll do the same thing at 9 next time I'm using the roaster. I really appreciate the advice. I'll simplify fan adjustment and focus on power and temperature next time around. I have not been pre-heating, so I'll give that a try next time as well.
msodacan attached the following image:
Try reduce fan on the final approach, will help to go higher than 450F, which is a minimum for an optimal roast.
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