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10/15/2021 2:19 AM
merlot85, maycondelpiero and hoeltz, Welcome !

10/14/2021 10:06 AM
Thanks for the addition to the group. Seriously considering building a drum roaster along the lines of oldgrumpus's. Love the design and craftsmanship.

10/14/2021 4:00 AM
Morning, ar3mia ! and... coffee drink

10/12/2021 11:55 AM
Evan Slack and CupOfJoe, Welcome !

10/07/2021 3:24 AM
Larry140, Roastiva and fkrauthan, Welcome !

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1 lb drum build
one more try.
Scooter75 attached the following image:
only taking one picture at a time.
Scooter75 attached the following image:
last one. gotta figure this out.
Scooter75 attached the following images:
roasterfront_2_1.jpg roasterback_1.jpg

Edited by JackH on 02/09/2020 2:46 PM
I was able to add your photos to the last post. You are clicking on browse and then the file? Then the second file the same way, then post reply. You should be able to post up to 8 photos.

We have had some weird problems in the past with certain photos not loading which I never could figure out.

KKTO Roaster.


We have had some weird problems in the past with certain photos not loading which I never could figure out.

I've literally never been able to upload a file through the forum. I usually have to post a dropbox link. Could never figure it out either and I've been around a while Shocklimb
It is probably better to use a hosting site so you can place your photos where you want them in the text.

KKTO Roaster.
Well, I was able to post 2 of the 3 pics I wanted to. The 3rd just wouldn't load. I tried to post all 3 in the same post and wouldn't do it. That is why I had one post per picture. Tried the last pic and no dice, which was post #23. It showed up without the picture I attached. It followed the same format as the first 2.

Also, if I had no text in the post it wouldn't post a picture by itself. Tried multiple times on my second and third posts.
It is strange. I have members that have trouble with photos and then I have this post with lots of photos posted:

I sent you a PM. You can email me the photos and I will try to get them on the site.
Sorry for the trouble.
Edited by JackH on 02/09/2020 5:57 PM

KKTO Roaster.
Been a little bit since i posted any updates so here it goes.

pics goes from right to left, first pic is on the right last is on left to follow my description. I didn't realize that the pics would post last to first. Sorry, but i did figure out how to resize them and get them up!

first pic is the funnel and drop door. Got the sightglass in and the funnel fabbed and fit.

Going to mount this roaster on a cart, kinda like the 3 tier from Ikea. Top is the roaster, middle is going to be the cooling tray and fan, bottom is the catch all.

second pic it the discharge chute to cooling tray. 2" ss tube.

Found one of the aluminium dust separators on Amazon and using it for a chaff separator.

last pics of it installed.

It is coming along. next it to get the burner installed. The hole under the drop door is going to be the sightglass for it.
Scooter75 attached the following images:
topchaff.jpg backchaff.jpg mountchaff.jpg dropchute.jpg dumpandfunnel.jpg

Edited by Scooter75 on 02/28/2020 8:41 PM
What fan are you intending to use for cyclone exhaust ?
I have a draft fan from a furnace that I am going to use.
Is there anything close for sale somewhere on the internet as we write ?
If not handy for a picture, please can you describe in some words? Similar to a vac blower ? leaf blades, or centrifugal? size... ? cfm...
Curious to hear how will adapt the 30 mm pipe of cyclone to this fan.
big copper fittings
Always learning
The fan will be built into a box on the middle tier.

Pic of a fan similar to the one I am using:
On the outlet of the cyclone I plan on having a 1" piece of copper pipe that I braze into a 1 1/2" tee. 1 1/2" stainless steel tube will fit inside the copper. Trim the SS tube to make a rotary damper in the tee and run one side of the tee down to the box the fan is mount in to draw suction.

I know this is a little hard to picture so I will post pics when I have the materials to make it.

Also plan on making another box next to the fan box that I can damp off and on to use as my cooling fan for the beans.

My goal is to make this as small a foot print that I can. So far the only overhangs will be the control panel in the front, motor and cyclone in the back, and a small overhang on the right side for gas control.
Edited by JackH on 03/01/2020 3:03 PM
Yes, my goal too, small footprint, but so far didn't found any such motor in the 10 cm diameter of the cyclone, only leaf blade fans, for inline duct exhaust, that aren't as powerful as I like in the cooling phase... good for chaff, but not for fast heat exhaust.
The fan you pictured here are at least 20 cm diameter the smallest... their inner hole is big enough to eat the upper part of cyclone Grin... and too powerful I am afraid.
This weekends work.

Focused on the middle tier. In it contains a cooling tray, for lack of better words vacuum box, a damper in between them and a rotary damper off the cyclone.

Finalized the burner also. 1" ss tube, jet burner drilled out to 71 orifice and maxitrol 325-3 regulator regulated by Dwyer 1-5 scfm flow meter with needle valve.
Scooter75 attached the following images:
side_midtier.jpg motors_1.jpg damperopen.jpg backcyclone.jpg burner_3.jpg
i would think a draft fan for a furnace would be a great fan. More air than you need but put a gate before the fan and you can set it where you want. Your heat looks great, guessing you will have it turned back most of the time. But with air and heat its better to have too much then just cut it back to where you need it.
All you need in life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure. Mark Twain
I second Ringo's comments. Nice build and perfect flame mix from your burner! Keep the progress reports coming.
1/2 lb and 1 lb drum, Siemens Sirocco fluidbed, presspot, chemex, cajun biggin brewer from the backwoods of Louisiana
Thanks for your positive comments Ringo!

The T on top of the cyclone is a damper.

I plan on putting the fan on a rheostat for control.

Hoping to have this fired up in the next month.

Great build. Thanks for sharing. It looks like it will be a nice roaster. Will follow your progress. Keep up the good work.

What vane configuration did you end up going with? Have you had a chance to test it out with beans in the drum to see how they tumble?
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