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11/24/2022 8:17 AM
Trick or... crack... er... Grin

11/24/2022 8:12 AM
Happy Thanksgiving to all

11/23/2022 3:28 AM
Birdman and dpineau coffee drink

11/21/2022 5:46 PM
lig76ct Welcome

Rich Saurman
11/21/2022 5:22 PM
Hi! New member starting with SR540. I am brand new and slowly getting better results with this roaster. I am interested in any roasting pointers.

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1 lb drum build
i haven't been very good about keeping this updated.

It's finished!

It is a 3 vane drum that has variable speed to 100 rpm. Been roasting at 75-80 rpm

I have about 20 or so roasts on it now. Way different than my KKTO. I have a lot more to pay attention to, gas and air flow. Coffee is getting better, just lots to learn.

Changed my original damper out to one closer to the exit of the roaster instead of on top of the cyclone. The speed control on the exhaust fan did not respond as fast nor as accurate as i would have liked so it was moved closer to where I sit. The damper on the cyclone worked really well just a reach.

I wanted to thank everyone for there help with this, without you it would have been a lot more difficult with an extreme amount of trial and error.
Scooter75 attached the following images:
cooling1.jpg gauge1.jpg lftside1.jpg rtside1.jpg
Hey Scoot, You are one heck of a roaster builder! This is off the chart nice to say the least. It will take a little time to get to know your new roaster but soon you will have it down to where you are only making a couple of adjustments throughout a roast to keep the trajectory where you want it and will be cupping some fine coffee. Keep us updated often!

1/2 lb and 1 lb drum, Siemens Sirocco fluidbed, presspot, chemex, cajun biggin brewer from the backwoods of Louisiana
Thanks Allen.

It was a lot of fun to build. Thanks for all your support. It really did make a difference.

I bought 15 pounds of a cheap brazilian to learn with and gave most of it away except for the couple of pounds I burnt. Been doing some Bolivian Bio-aribica, Yemen, sulawesi, and a tanzanian. Have a good friend who is even geekier with coffee than I am and he has been impressed with my roasting, so I guess I'm doing ok. I for the most part have enjoyed what I have done so far with it.

Thanks again!
It's great to hear that the roaster is up and running. Happy roasting. It will be interesting to see where your roasters sweet spot ends up. How many oz or g are you able to roast at one time?

Do you happen to have pictures of your mixing vane configuration that you would be willing to share?

I look forward to future reports.
I roast 454 grams. When I built it I used the formula I found on here and according to it I can go to 575 grams. I just want to have an even number to roast so I haven't done much more than 454g but have done less because I had 400 grams of an Ethiopian that I needed to roast. It turned out well according to my coffee geek friend.

Sorry, I totally forgot to take pictures of my drum and vanes when I had the chance to.

I used a 3 vane that I welded to 2 spyders, one at the very back and one in about 2.75" from front skewed at about 25 degrees. The vane bringing the beans to the front comes up to about 3/4" from the front and the vane going to the back comes about 1 1/4" in front of the spyder to accommodate the BT thermocouple.

My drum is made from 6" schedule 10 stainless steel pipe. Spiders are out of 304 ss plate and vanes are canned from 16ga 304 ss. Shaft is 1/2" cold rolled steel. Mesh on back is 18/8 ss from a steamer I picked up and added additional holes.

I took a couple of pics just now from the drop door. I will post them later, I have to resize and rename them on my computer because I can't post pics directly from my phone. Just a warning, they are not very good but will give you an idea about how I did it.
promised pics, just not very good.
Scooter75 attached the following images:
vanes2_1.jpg vanes3_1.jpg
Christian, thanks for the info on the size of your roast loads and pictures. I really appreciate it. It is a great help to me as I am sizing my drum at the moment. All of your fabrication info is great too.

Enjoy the sweet taste of success with you new machine as you refine your skills. You deserve it.
Christian, I'm curious to know what kind of flow rates you are measuring during your roasts? I know you were concerned about getting scale sized properly.

If possible what are the max and min flow rates you typically see during your roasts? Thanks in advance.
Sorry for the delay. Haven't visited much lately.

What flow rates do you want, gas or air,.
Mainly wondering what the propane flow rate is.

Are you measuring the air flow rate through the drum or the pressure drop? You now have me curious as to what your air measurements are.

Thanks for your reply.
Running a maxtrol 325 regulator with the 10-22? spring. My flow meter is a .2 to 3.5 scfm. I roast anywhere between 2.8 and .5 on my flow meter. I made the burner I am using out of 3/4 tubing and use a jet burner from a wok that I drilled out the orfice to get the burner to burn even. Sorry If that is confusing.

I measure air flow with a magnehelic gauge.
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