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Coffee Lover
Hi Guys,

I am from India .

I am a foodie and i love coffee.

I like to read a lot about coffee and recently wrote about the best coffee shops in the US. https://bdkhealth...n-us-2020/

I am now reading about History of Coffe and planning to launch a kindle book. I find every country has a different history some dates back to longer periods.

I liked to have some discussion on coffee and googled and found this website. Looking forward to having quality time here.
Indian coffees are some of the best in the world. Do you live in a coffee region? I would be interested in how crops are doing from there. This year prices in in India and Indonesia seem to be down which suggests bumper crops. Just wondering out loud.
Hi thanks.... Am not living in a coffee region. Estates are around 80km from my city.
Its a tourist sport called Ooty. We travel there with friends twice a year.

Sorry i dont know about the prices.
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