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Best option please
My Alien Life
Hello, thanks to everyone and their support

I have a

Whirlypopper that I can motorize

Bubble popper that doesn?t get hot enough, but I assume I can bypass a thermal switch to reach some higher temps

Bread maker...

I need about a pound a week for espresso shots

For utter convenience what machine should I concentrate my efforts?

For the bread maker do you bypass the circuitry and add a switch for the paddle and the heating element? Seems the bread maker is a nice compact unit that could be bullet proof

Thank you

Welcome !

You forgot Turbo Oven, the obvious answer BBQ grill

Bread Maker is too compact, imo, coffee is roasted by hot air, the beans have to be fully exposed in hot air, not stacked in multiple layers and scarcely get the heat from surrounding beans.
The one liter can of a BM machine should be filled with maximum 200 grams, not more than 500 how I seen people is cramming and report good results.
My Alien Life
Will this work?
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Yes, the lid is what you want, the pot is useless because is glass and too big. You want a maximum 12 litres volume oven. 8-9 would be ideal.
For this reason, look for a model that has as standard feature accessory the stainless steel extender ring, see here:
This ring, placed on top of a backing tray, similar to this:
... will become the future oven. Resulting volume is 9 litres, if the whole assembly height is 11 cm.
Outer insulation made from wool will help saving energy, but is mandatory.
Inside this oven place an ikea steamer code 30152346, that will be the roasting pot.
Add the agitator motor and you are done.
The above described is my current setup for more than two years.
My Alien Life
I have a popcorn popper base I will scavenge the motor from.

I?ll drill a hole in the bowl for the stirring rods and shaft.

Thank you
Popper motor turns way too fast for beans agitation in a turbo oven roaster.
The agitation principles is different for these two machines, please check carefully turbo oven subforum builds first , if you want to approach this way.
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