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Hi From SF
I'm a new member, just got a Hottop KN-8828B-2K+ in November.

Before that, back in 2010 I used to roast Kona in a rotating drum roaster with configuration similar to the Gene Cafe, but not a Gene Cafe, much more primitive. Anyway, that old roaster caught fire when the drum rotation mechanism wore down. I kind of gave up roasting at that point.

Recently decided to try again, this time more seriously, now that there are better roasters with software control. This is so much better. Only problem is, my cheap source of Kona green peaberry coffee is gone :-(.

But that is good, because I am trying a lot of other types of coffee and getting some great roasts.

I use the Artisan software, and a Lenovo 930 notebook, and it all works pretty well, though I did find an interesting glitch with windows 10. I will post that as a separate thread.

Enough. Please drop me a note if you are in the North Bay and want to compare notes on the hottop or Artisan software, or just roasting in general.

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Welcome to Homeroasters!
The Hottop is a very good roaster and there are many members who use it.
The post about Windows 10 was very useful, thanks!

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