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Buy a used roaster

I changed my goals, and am looking for a roaster. I am considering buying used.

I did not find any marketplace on this forum, am I blind? I guess there are many roasters around (also diy) that are not needed any more?

Anyway, I am looking for the following:
1) constant rpeproudcable results.
2) 200-500g
3) in Europe or shipping to europe
4) <400-500?
5) Used is ok
6) (optional, but would be nice) logging, or even control with software (artisan?)

What would your suggestions be?

thank you
For this price and capacity, I think only Gene (used) and Kaldi would qualify, both available in Europe.
No idea if Behmor exists for 220V.
But the best, by far, my favourite, especially for log/control moding, is Deichmann Roestmeister. 300 grams for 220 Euro is a level untouchable by any manufacturer, yet. And no trouble getting it in Europe.

Diy... there are a lot more choices, almost everything was been built in this forum for this capacity cost less than 500 in parts, but the cost of work is invaluable Grin

Not the last, anyone interested should be aware about the new wave of chinese home roasters, that are very appealing, almost make some people abandon the the building idea... just one sample, there are more:
Thank you for your answer.

Generally I would really like to take the DIY route, but I do not have time for that for the forseeable future, thus wanting to buy.

Also concerning the chinese home roasters: is there any info about which are good? If you would buy a new one in this price segment now would you take a R?stmeister or one of the chinese ones?
I am a builder, and already owning a R?stmeister, so my personal curiosity would be toward a chinese FB, as one pointed above, because R?stmeister is already known, dissected and moded, Grin

If both would be new for me, still FB wins, for better chaff management and manual roasting capabilities superior to R?stmeister, which is a one button roaster, with no freedom to change something.
I don't think the taste is superior for one of them, did blind tasting of FB and R?stmeister roasts side by side and they are close.
Financial side, the 350 grams FB is double priced than a R?stmeister, almost at your budget limit... 320+124 shipping = 444 Euro + EU VAT/taxes... versus 220 Euro + 15 shipping within EU.

Another plus for R?stmeister is the warranty, which is nothing for a Chinese product, bought overseas. Beware to this part, already returned a R?stmeister because mains voltage was been weak at user location. With 190V in the wall, the automatic 10 minutes limit for FC was been reached, and roasters stop entering in cooling phase. Even having a good mains, this is a limitation for those wanting to do a longer roast, with FC in the 11-12 minutes range, this is not possible with R?stmeister.

On the other side we know anything about those chinese models, too new to be reviewed...
We see a temperature display, and buttons labelled in chinese, so we should figure ourselves about the functionality... or ask the manufacturer for a manual before buying.
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