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gas grill roaster
Hello -- My jump into roasting was something i'd been anticipating, but when the lockdowns started I figured it was a sign that my coffee dreams needed to become a reality. i'm guessing that there are a ton of people who fell into the same trap judging by the backlog or orders that sweet maria's was describing - and I'll start off by apologizing to the seasoned roasters who have put in orders for beans in the past few weeks and found that it's going to take a while for the order to arrive.

Most of the time I pour a cortada or late or pull from my nitro cold-brew in the morning. So, I'll be roasting for espresso often, with a break for cold-brew profile every month or so.

MY set-up is kinda of frankenstein, but that's how i've operated my homebrewing (beer) for over a decade with great results - and I can usually make any weird set up work for me.

I've got a variable speed rotisserie motor mounted to my propane grill with a wire basket. I use a digital air-temp probe to read out the temperature at the bast of the mesh basket. Right now I think i've got it going about 50rpms. I'll probably end up making an enclosure out of an old pot and setting up a burner and pi-controlled fan in the future, but for now the grill seems to be doing it's job.

The first 4 roasts i've done have been a learning and calibrating experience and I'm getting the hang of it. #4 came out smelling like nutty goodness and I'm excited to move to cupping.

My time on this forum will mainly be spent trying to search for answers to questions I have. Once I get into the swing, I hope to provide my own input.

Thanks for the forum and good luck with your own roasting journeys
welcome ripple, sounds like a neat setup for roasting! Ripple? Pagen Pink was my favorite!

and that is exactly how the insanity starts out....
Welcome to Homeroasters Ripple!

KKTO Roaster.
My first dive into roasting was on a grill myself. Some of the best I ever roasted came off that grill, Kings and Queens would bow before me... women would throw themselves at me for that coffee... but I could never repeat due to the large number of variables.

Finally picked up a FreshRoast SR500 and drilled a hole in the chaff collector to insert a heat probe - never looked back.

As always, the key for me is a steady ramp up to first-crack then slower ramp to second crack while NEVER dropping temp (stalling) which will kill any roast.
It's bad luck to be superstitious
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