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So I was doing a roast a few days ago and hit cool down in Artisan. But my default Sv had changed back to 390 instead of zero, so the beans cooled from 410 to 390 and just held. For 10 minutes until I noticed.

I decided to see if Id accidentally stumbled onto a wonderfully delicious new roast profile. Pulled a shot with it today. Nope, tastes like an ash tray. Worst shot of espresso ever pulled. Oh well!
Check in Events if you have the appropriate command associated to DROP button.
Something like OT1;0, if using TC4, or depending on your control method.
Ha! I've made a few roasts where I thought it was going to be disgusting or some new amazing style.. Mostly disgusting, or at best passable.
Im not into to this but what I like the most is taste testing Grin
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