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Kenyans getting scarce?
I've been noticing that a lot of Kenyans aren't available anymore. Especially Meru and Kirinyaga. Any help locating those would be appreciated.
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I'd be curious to hear why this is. Judging by crop to cup, it may just be seasonal?
Crop to cup has a few, not sure about regions. They have several estimated arrival in June.
This brings me to a question I have had for a while. What is the deal with coffee seasons? For tea it is a pretty regular deal, the lion's share of the tea and most of the best tea is spring crop. There is some early spring, and some autumn as well, but less and in general less desirable. So you if you are dealing with good fresh tea vendors, the exciting time is not long after the spring picking. Is there anything very similar with coffee, in the various regions?
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