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Hello from Oregon
Only been roasting for about a month, quickly went from a dog bowl and heat gun to a Fresh Roast 800. Have order mostly sample packs from SM, enjoying trying different beans and roasts. Hopefully can learn and grow from this group. Thanks.
Welcome mate Grin I briefly lived in Oregon a few years back and hope to return soon!

There are some neat builds you can create with a heat gun, if you are a DIY type. I hope to eventually make a heat gun/flour sifter roaster.

I'm pretty new as well. I just started reading Scott Rao's roasting book, kind of overkill for a simple home roaster with no commercial scale or equipment, but I find it really interesting.

I expect there is a facebook group for freshroast home roasters. If so, I'd say to check it out. Those facebook pages often have a lot of activity focused on a particular roaster.
Roast: Kaldi wide, SR800 + projects
Grind: Lab sweet, Bentwood, giota w/ MP burrs, Commandante
Pull: Decent, La Pavoni, Elektra Microcasa
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