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10/04/2022 7:11 PM
I'm still alive. Haven't posted here for a while. Still roasting about 20 lb a week. Life is good. Find me on Facebook.

10/03/2022 3:29 PM
carloswlkr Welcome

10/03/2022 12:06 PM
HI Michael, go to consumer zone, java trading company and first post is basic rules. PM me with any needed clarifications. Cheers

Michael Kirkpatrick
10/03/2022 11:47 AM
Good morning! what would be the best way to post a coffee roaster for sale? Thanks

10/03/2022 2:12 AM
@ittiponcr and welcome cup adrianalindgren

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Ready to jump into the fire
I've been using pan roasting for a while and at the same time looking at home roasting machines. I probably would have bought a Freshroast if they were AVALIABLE. Seems like all the better home roasters are sold out everywhere.

Anywho, I have been scouring the Interwebs and really can't find anything that suits my fancy.


I ordered this, for $85 and will make a direct flame drum roaster (if that is not the correct terminology please correct me!) Capacity is supposed to be around 1.5 pounds, but I'll probably not do more than a pound.

Heat source will be a turkey fryer burner. It already has fine flow control on the regulator, so initially I will be manually adjusting the temperature. I have been turning the knob a half notch every two minutes for the pan roasting which has given me a somewhat stepped temperature profile, but works pretty well roasting in a cast iron dutch oven because it evens out the temperature increase. I could do smaller increments or even gradually turn the knob while watching the internal drum temperature. There is a place in the end to insert a thermometer/temperature probe so you can monitor the temperature in the center of the drum.

Eventually I'd like to set it up with a controller, but for now I'll be happy just doing it manually.

Cool down - for now will be direct air flow to and through the drum with a high CFM air mover.

Chaff and smoke, no problem for now, it will be outside. I'm hoping most of the chaff gets blown out during cool down, and I'll separate any chaff left the same way I do for pan roasted - pouring between two steel mesh colanders in front of a fan.

Does this sound like a workable plan?
A morning without coffee is like a marriage without a honeymoon.
For the realistic load capacity use the 1/6 rule: 6 litres volume for 1 kg of greens.

In a similar shaped basket, sized 18Lx14D cm , i.e. 2.7 litres volume, you should aim to 2700/6 = 450 grams, so close to one pound, if heat well applied.
Here is the setup. First batch I think I got it too hot, I don't have a suitable thermometer yet. It went into 2C before 1C finished, resulting in a wide range of bean roast levels.
A morning without coffee is like a marriage without a honeymoon.
Place a perforated plate above the flames.
Unless the perforated plate was designed for the specific purpose, the heat pattern would be mostly unaffected. Something like this may be more likely to diffuse and spread the heat but it may spread it out too far.
1/2 lb and 1 lb drum, Siemens Sirocco fluidbed, presspot, chemex, cajun biggin brewer from the backwoods of Louisiana
What about a curved plate, as in perforated drum roasters ?
I definitely don't want the heat to spread out too far. I would need to put some sort of heat shield to shield the motor.

I have something more efficient in mind...instead of spreading out the heat, concentrate it so I can use a lower flame, get more distance from the flame, and evenly distribute the heat over the drum.

Like this...
A morning without coffee is like a marriage without a honeymoon.
Trial run #2 using the chimney was a total bust. I didn't get it hot enough at first, baked it to death, and went into a rolling 2C before 1C finished.

Trial run #3 was a SUCCESS! Got it hotter at first, reached a full rolling 1C between 12 and 13 minutes, turned off the heat 2 minutes into the crack and let it coast to the end of the crack, and then quickly cooled it down. And it PERFECTLY hit the sweet spot for some Queen City Harrar. Long luxurious dark chocolate finish fading into cinnamon that lasts over an hour!
A morning without coffee is like a marriage without a honeymoon.
It looks like a nice setup. Do you have information on ordering the $85 drum/motor unit?

KKTO Roaster.
eBay, US or Asia, no Europe availability so far.
For US, the first in results list atm of search, even cheaper:


This solid drum, sampler style machine also worth a look:


JackH wrote:
It looks like a nice setup. Do you have information on ordering the $85 drum/motor unit?

A morning without coffee is like a marriage without a honeymoon.
Thanks for the links! It will help other members who are thinking of a drum roaster.

The open flame would make it more of an outdoor unit.

It almost seems like building an outer case and a heat source would complete it to make a small indoor drum roaster.

KKTO Roaster.
A hood, as featured by this roaster, shouldn't have to be so difficult to tinker...


... maybe from an already existing part of a barbecue setup...
... or buy a small portable barbecue unit, and host the drum inside...
that roaster needs a hood for how over roasted those beans were RoflmaoShock
Some like it hot Grin
I started using a BBQ thermometer to monitor the temperature in the center of the drum, and found out that whenever even a slight breeze picked up, the temperature in the center of the drum dropped, which could explain some of the difficulties I've had bringing the roast to 1C without excessive heat.

It has yielded some "interesting" roasts, LOL And one very baked roast.

So now I have to figure out some sort of hood or other means of blocking ambient air from flowing through the drum during the roast.
A morning without coffee is like a marriage without a honeymoon.
Or bend the probe tube, enough to touch the beans bed, to be less influenced by air.
Yeah, I guess the bean temperature is what's most important, but I still want to be able to monitor the air temperature. I might be able to get two probes in there, one bent and one straight. The axle is rather thin though, with a pretty small hole in the middle.

I'm a little worried about the probe getting hung up in that rotating axle though and that would be more likely if there were two probes.

I think I might be able to replace the whole end assembly with a flanged pillow block so that the outside raceway of the bearing rotates and the axle does not. Then I could just insert the probes in the axle and secure them to the axle instead of the awkward jig I have now to hold the probe in place.
Edited by DrHenley on 06/27/2020 2:19 PM
A morning without coffee is like a marriage without a honeymoon.
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