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Greetings from the UK
Hi I'm Andi,

* I've been roasting on a Arduino, Artisan popper for about three months. I'm currently working on a Sivitz inspired 300g air roaster. Lockdown has slowed my project (getting parts) along with some poor calculations (ummm) . I'm also working on an idea for improving the measurement of temperature in small to medium commercial drum roasters.
* Where are you from, close to London UK

* Roasting gear
Pimped up popper - OK at 85g but best with 75g

* I've been trying lots of different curves on beans from Africa, Central and Southern America. Oh and my wife says my decaf is by far the best she's ever tasted.

* Your favorite origin, etc
I've drunk some amazing coffees from Rwanda and Burundi but I'd probably have to go for Peru
Welcome to Homeroasters Andi!

The popper is where most of us started and is a great way to learn the roasting process.

I look forward to see your roaster build in the future.

KKTO Roaster.
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