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need help woth my Huky500
I recently purchased a Huky 500T after having roasted in a popcorn popper for the pst 12+ years. Having gone primarily by sight sound and smell I am a bit overwhelmed by the science involved with tracking and properly calibrating my roasts. I am using the stock IR heater, variac. Here is my roasting profile from 450g SM Liquid Amber for espresso. I tried one roast before this where I used the black dial to go between levels 1, 2, and 3. That seemed to work well. Then I read you were supposed to leave the black dial at 3(high) and change the heat only by blue dial, so that?s what I tried this time. What is hard for me as seen here is there was no separation between BT AND ET for most of the roast. I had read that there should have been. It seemed a little long as well. I clicked first crack when the Artisan timer counted to zero but did not hear audible first crack until almost a minute later.

Again being a noob I?m clueless as to what a lot of the measurements people are using for heat/airflow mean or how to read them.

Any help at all would be a godsend.

Other factors. Roasting indoors in a large warehouse with good ventilation. Jpn 100v electricity.

saminjapan attached the following image:

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Should give a little more info here. Tried to get steady 180 C for drop temp. shut off heat until TP. Then went full heat low/no air for about 3 min, then reduced heat a little and increased the fan to mid/low.
Hi Sam and welcome to HRO! I'm thinking we must not have many if any Huky users currently or at least ones who are checking the forum.

What would help would be if you could send some photos or sketches of where the BT and ET probes are located and give some descriptions of the different colored dials and what they do. I'm assuming it would be a coarse adjust and fine adjust?

One thing right off the bat is you do not have nearly enough heat at the start to move the roast even for a minimum rate of rise. Shoot us some RoR time/temp numbers when you can get more heat at the start of the roast.

The more information the better.
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