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Pleasant surprise
So I'm visiting my son and he wants to take me to his favorite coffee shop. I decide to be as polite as possible and play along, LOL.

Now my son likes to drink steeped charcoal briquettes, or at least that's what it tastes like, so I'm really dreading this coffee I must drink to be nice.

Turned out to be a delightful cup of coffee, very clean with citrus notes like I've never experienced before. I never thought "citrus" and "coffee" should be used in the same sentence, but it was very nice.

So I ask the girl what kind of coffee it was. It was a Peruvian. I've ordered some "Peru Organic Mercedes Carranza Montenegro FTO" from CBC. The cupping notes are "Lemon, clean, toffee, nutty" which sounds about right. It should be here in a couple of days.
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Had my first cup of the Peruvian coffee today, and it was a lot like that coffee I had in Arlington, with a distinctive lime note that lingers a long time after you finish. Bright and clean with a pleasant citrus like acidity. About all I remember clearly about the coffee in Arlington is "citrus" - I don't remember what kind of citrus. It may have been more of a grapefruit but this one is definitely lime. Fortunately, I like lime!

It was very easy to roast and had a vigorous, well defined first crack, almost as rapid as popcorn popping. I stopped as soon as it sounded like the crack was finished. There were some uncracked beans still, but no grassiness or other unpleasant underroasted tastes. Interestingly, the beans elongate when they crack more than they swell. I've never seen that before.

At City Roast, the body was light, but sufficient. I blended it with some earthy heavy bodied Sumatran decaf coffee and it was a nice well balanced blend which I plan on drinking often.

If you are into single origin coffee, this is about as single origin as it gets, I even know the name of the person who grew the coffee - Mercedes Carranza Montenegro.
A morning without coffee is like a marriage without a honeymoon.
Hi Dr. H
Very glad to hear you are having good luck with this Peruvian and it sounds like something I would like to try. As I'm sure you are aware finding a nice lot from Peru is a chore but they do exist.
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The lime has faded, and is barely noticeable now. In fact it was only strong the day of the roast, by day two it had faded a good big. So we are left with clean and nutty.

This coffee doesn't seem to have much caffeine. So I can DRINK MORE! LOL

It makes a great iced coffee. Since it came out so well at City Roast, with no underroasted notes at all, I'm thinking of trying a Light City or maybe Cinnamon roast. The last couple of coffees I roasted didn't do well at all at Light City, but this one just might.
A morning without coffee is like a marriage without a honeymoon.
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