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About little motors...
About little motors suitable for turning drums and fans:

Many fans and blowers use these shaded pole motors. They are cheap and quiet, but one-speed. Most are about 1/15Hp, 1550 or 3000 rpm. (pictured below)

These open shaded pole motors are used for very small fans. They are 'C-Frame', which means they mount from the face of the motor, not a foot, base, or bracket. They are about 1/100 Hp, 3000rpm.

They also come as a gearmotor with various gear ratios. These are too slow for fans, but great to power a small drum roaster. There is one of these in that pigment stirrer motor I mention above.

There are 3-speed shaded pole motors. These will be larger in diameter than they are thick and you see them in the ubuquitous 20" box fans.

A larger gearmotor that I like is this 'Bodine' style parallel shaft gearmotor. It comes in many output rpms and is reversible, which shaded-pole motors aren't. About 1/20 Hp. They require a run capapcitor. You can mount as a C-Frame, or buy a bracket which can be bolter on in 4 positions. There is even a brake accessory. I use that at work when I'm using one of these as an actuator. That way, when power is removed it stops right now, instead of coasting.
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