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Greetings from NJ

This is my first post. I come to this forum a lot to read about roasting and this forum is truly resourceful and educational. Thank you.

I have been using the Westbend Poppery II for the past year to roast. It kills 2 birds with one stone for me: I get roasted coffee and the smoke alarm always wakes up my kids in the morning. I absolutely love the machine but I think it is time to for me to upgrade.

I want to learn more about professional roasting and I am thinking a lot about the hottop2k+ since it is a mini-professional roaster with usb connecting to artisan. It fits me in terms of price, roasting batch size and the dimension of the machine and I think it will last me a few years until I want an upgrade (maybe then a MillCity...haha.) But right now, I am just learning it as a hobby and eventually gifting it to friends, etc.

For you experienced roaster out there, other than hottop2k+, what other options do I have?

Looking forward to your 2 cents. Thank you.
From across the river welcome!

Are you looking to go with something prebuilt or DIY?
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Welcome to Homeroasters!

The prebuilt roasters get expensive as they get larger in capacity. It sounds like the Hottop might be a good choice for you if you do not want to build.

KKTO Roaster.
Personally I prefer roasting with hot air, so my choice as prebuilt would go to Gene for this capacity (half pound).
The fact that it isn't Artisan compatible is not a buying criteria for me, I learnt that is not the computer that roast, but the machine and human behind, if well understand its capabilities. And I see Gene more capable than HT.
There are also some new FB Chinese machines in the 350g/$600 range, that are Artisan compatible, if you are familiar with buying from China.
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