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Part 6 - Cooling tray
Basically, I just hold my bag of choice with my thumbs, against the tray, and tip the whole thing. The beans flow right in guided by my hands.
Alchemist attached the following image:
My forearms are on the lip of the tray, so no beans get out that way.
Alchemist attached the following image:
I have done up to 5 lbs this way with nary a bean spilled.
Alchemist attached the following image:
What do you think?
Alchemist attached the following image:
Kewl. We'll just send a set of your forearms, hands and thumbs out with each model! Heh-heh.

Well, you were right again. The circle is not uniform. But there is enough flex and give in the metal to bring it around to the right shape, probably. I'll let you know.

I'm trying to visualize how the vertical supports go together in the frame. :(
Would you kindly post a simple "wireframe" model with *all* the support members illustrated? A hand sketch would be fine.
Or, here is a starter sketch.

I have the cooling tray in it, but not the motor yet.
David attached the following image:
Sweet drawing. You're hired - I'll use paint, you render in graphic 3-D!!!

I am glad I was right about the frame being out of true. Let's do it this way. What I would like you to do is lay out on a piece of plywood a bending frame. Basically you have the dimensions EXCEPT it needs to be the thickness of the angle more narrower all the way around as it has to match the ID and the drawings I gave show OD. Make sense? What is the thickness? 1/8"? If that is so, then the measurement across would be 16 - 1/8 - 1/8 (both sides) = 14 3/4".

And yes, I will get you a frame drawing with better measurements after you get me the amount we need for the cooling fan. And while we are at it, and making sure our ducks are in a row, the other blower needs to fit too. Mostly, check and see if 12" gives us what we need.
For those who are curious:

The software is called "Alibre" It's free open-source CAD software. s:2

There is a larger paid version, but so far I'm OK with the Express version.

I got it from

See how this works for you. The trick here is to get some working language between us. Are you familiar with this kind of dual view? Basic engineering detail showing the detail from one angle, then 90 degrees. With the assist of the color coding (not normal in engineering drawings) you should be able to match the pieces up in a 3-D fashion.

The black pieces are your frame you have already produced. The red is the vertical supports. Note they will attach inside the frame. Blue are the two rivets holding it together. Also note the thickness of the left hand line of black frame, and red support. This is showing the thickness of the metal we are working with and assists with giving you orientation of the piece.

Let's start there . Does that make 100% sense? If so, I will continue on with the other details. If not, then try and explain what does not make sense and I will see what I can do.
Alchemist attached the following image:
corner detail[1006].jpg

Edited by Alchemist on 07/11/2008 7:34 AM
Yes, I can read and understand the drawings just fine.
Please go ahead with the construction details.

I'll be checking out the minimum height requirements this afternoon.
Uh-oh, big problem. :@


Alchemist wrote:
You come down 8" and start cuts 1" apart for 25 inches. You then start at the other end, go 16", make a V cut, another 8" from the center of the V and you would be within 0.13" of that last cut of the 25.

I didn't catch the error in this instruction until five minutes ago when I was laying out the form to bend the metal around:


that last cut of the 25

I did the 25 cuts. Grin
But I should have made 26 cutsShock
because 25 only defines 24" of circumference, not the 25" we need. c:4
No wonder it came up small!

It is clear from the larger context what you meant, but I took this last part literally each time I laid out my cuts.

What now? :(
In the scheme of things, it won't be 'perfect' but this is just the frame and all sins will be covered.

What comes to mind is to pick a couple spots and cut another couple slots. As it is, more slots will not really hurt, and most likely will only help as it will give you space to over bend and allow the frame to 'snap back' to the correct shape. The only thing I would suggest is symmetry. With the round section toward you, four additional cuts at 4,5, 7 and 8 oclock should do wonders. Yes, it is more than you need, but so? What you don't want to do is put additional cuts at 3, 6 or 9 as we will be attaching supports there and don't want to cut it too close.

OK, I am just about to start posting a lot of photos and an instructional in the Construction and framing area. Total scrap work I am doing, but it shows the techniques I want to pass along and all the little details. It is my hope that it takes some of the mystery or re-inventing of this work out of the equation. One last comment. Please ask questions if you don't get or understand something. Especially why I am doing a particular step. In my mind this Project is about TWO things. Building a roaster and maybe even more important, passing along the knowledge on HOW to build any roaster with a particular set of (Alchemist Zen?) techniques.

I was putting together the next stage of drawings for the frame and discovered that we need to decide upon what top skin this is going to have, or more specifically how thick it will be. The cooling bin will set on top of it, but the bottom much be a particular distance from the stirring motor so the vane shaft meshes correctly. If we are using sheet metal, either the stainless or mild steel, those are thin enough not to worry over. If OTOH we are going to use a wooden plywood top, we need to decide of that thickness. 1/4" would work (and keeps to the light weight, minimalist idea) , as would 1/2". We just have to decide.

You thoughts on this would be appreciated. Keep in mind that cutting a circle out of the stainless is going to be VERY time consuming, labor intensive and tool intensive. Mild would be ok. Wood will be easy and give us simple rigidity.
I prefer the wood.
It's a lot more forgiving, and I need some forgiveness at this point. Grin

Say, do you think they make toilet seats with 14" round holes? Tha'd save a lot of work, and it would have a nifty fold-down cover for protection between uses!
Uh-oh, more forgiveness needed. c:4 OK, I'll cut it out. I promise....

Let's go with some nice, smooth 3/8" plywood. Then we could paint it the color of our choice. Hmm, would it just sit on top of the frame, or perhaps be partially enclosed by the outer skin?
OK, wood it is for that part. It could sit or just 'tack' down with two or three screws. and I would bring the outer skin all the way up and cover the edge or go obvious lip the other way. Pure aesthetic decision.
Alchemist attached the following image:
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