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Sumatra Wet Process Pantan Musara Roast
Hi HomeRoasters,

I've been trying to use the percentage lost during roasting to dial in my home roasting skills and had a quick question. First of all is this a crazy idea? I've been using these percentages:

12-15% for light roasts
15-17% for medium
18-24% for dark

However, my roast today looks pretty dark, probably medium to medium dark in roast, but my percentage lost was only 14.5%. Did I heat the beans too quickly? Any advice is highly appreciated!

Best wishes,
I don't know Alex. I'm new too. It would seem knowing what your bean moisture percentage was first. Could be helpful. For anyone answering with some skill. I think knowing your setup is important. There are soo many things that contribute or alter your roast performance. For many, much of this info seems to be "ancient Chinese secret".
Funny, I have a boston stoker coffee factory in my town. I can't get anyone to talk to me. Outside stalking the workers to see if they hit the bar to ask them questions. No one who answers the phone will offer any advice or real conversation.thumbdown
For me light is under 12%, omni-medium is 14%, and dark (espresso) is over 16%
Development times are about one minute for light, 1:30 for medium, and >2 minutes for dark.
I don't roast into 2nd crack.

As old man wrote, depends on beans origin.
I have an Eth Guji Mulish that comes pretty dark even at 14%, which is medium for me.
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