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Mobile Scooter Power Supply to Power Poppery II fan
Found this 25vdc 2a power supply for $1

I am wanting to use it to control the fan on my Poppery II

I fully understand how to mod the circuit and use a dimmer to control, BUT I am concerned this transformer has too much juice

Fan motor 20.5 1.6amp
Transformer 25v 2amp

Is it ok or will the fan explode?
Hhh2b attached the following image:
Nope, not explode, just wear faster than normal, IF... used for long time at elevated voltage.
The motors used in poppers are usually 24V motors.
You will regulate the fan voltage with PWM anyway, right ? Try limit fan % usage under 90%.

PS: I see 24V 3Amps in the picture, not 25/2
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