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Camp Stove 3700w Burner

I?ve been roasting with https://www.amazo...&psc=1 for the last couple months and it has been working great! A modified flower sifter is the current vessel as I plan out my fluid bed build.

I?m seeking recommendations for connecting this to a 20lb tank in combination with a regulator and needle valve for better control. I?d prefer not to cut the braided hose but I?m struggling to find the correct fittings. If I do cut it, I suppose I could use a barbed fitting to get me up to a more common LPG sizes.

Any advice/comments you can add are appreciated!
Weston06 attached the following images:
2182acce-be2b-4cae-b514-6fb50e0e94d1.jpeg 017236a5-cd6a-478b-b1c9-3a62b4a81052.jpeg
I'm not as daring as you.
Looks like a fun project!
So I say, Go GO Mr. Gadget!
Bet your neighbors like the smell.
Start cooking donuts outside and they might not leave!
BBQ grill
Well, after lots of searching I found a barb fitting that will fit the camp stove hose. Very happy with the results! The rest of the parts will be here shortly to wrap this part of the project up.
Weston06 attached the following image:
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