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Blending different roasts of same varietal
Because things are tough here right now I've just bought a batch of simple and uninteresting but inexpensive Colombia Arabica, the type that's used for most commercial mass produced roasts. Home roasted, it's still infinitely better than shop-bought coffee!

But here's the thing. At a lighter roast I'm getting more subtle flavors, which are eclipsed by more roasty flavors at medium and darker roasts. But I do like the more intense aroma of a darker roast. Trying for the best of both, I've been experimenting, roasting half the beans until the end of the first crack, and the other half well into the second crack. In barista terms, I'm probably blending an American roast with a Vienna roast, although my simple "ghetto roasting" setup (heat gun and stainless steel pot) does not yet allow for proper temperature control. (Working on that.)

Are there other home roasters out there doing what I do, i.e. blending different roasts of the same varietal? If so, what's your favorite mix?
Koffee Kosmo
Different roast levels are used for different styles of coffee
A lighter roast (before second crack) is used with hotter water
This roast level is best when the coffee steeps for a while to extract the flavours

As for a medium roast ( at the cusp or just on of second crack )
This coffee is best for espresso style coffee
You need to understand that every level of roast has a temperature band that it’s best at

For espresso it’s a temperature band of 89 C to 93C

So the real lesson I’m trying to impart is not roast levels but the correct water temperature and the best coffee style suited to a roast level

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