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Roasting Kenya Peaberry Kagumoini
My first roasting post...
I've ordered a few kg of Kenya Peaberry Kagumoini to add to my inventory. My roaster is a Kaldi wide (300g), and I have about one years experience with it, but I'm doing a number of firsts.

Until now, I've roasted using 2 TC's for BT and ET, hooked up to a type k thermometer for monitoring my roasts. I've now finally hooked up Artisan so I can get better control over my profiles. I've set it up using the Artisan quick start guide, and both TC's are reading correctly. Roasting with Artisan is new, there's lots to learn, but I know the roaster so I'm not expecting any surprises.

My 2nd first is I've never roasted a peaberry before. It's an pricey bean, so so any tips/suggestions would be welcome. Should I pickup some Artisan experience on beans I know before risking the peaberry?

Artisan experience aside, is there anything different to note about roasting peaberry?
Artisan tools defines itself as a "visual scope for coffee roaster", as we can read on its site.
"visual scope" could mean nothing for people without an electronics background, is a tool also called oscilloscope, which help see the electrical signals evolution in time.
The oscilloscope tell to the human operator how the voltage or other electric measurement evolve, but don't tell him WHY, what means or if good/bad evolution... is the role of the operator to decipher this evolution and draw a conclusion.
Same is for Artisan... it helps you watching the evolution, but don't learn you roasting !
You will see nowhere on Artisan site an advice about the charge temperature for HB beans, for example, so peaberry is an even more cryptic term to ask the genius hidden inside Artisan.

Even if could sounds tempting, even borrowing other people profile for a peaberry close to yours don't guarantee the best results. That's because one of the best kept secrets is that a profile is more a characteristic of a machine than to a bean/origin.
For example trying to reproduce on kaldi or other drum machine a profile of a roast done on a fluid bed is a recipe to ... unexpected Grin
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