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Standalone Frother
Does anyone have recommendations for a standalone frother?

Before I get an onslaught of "they suck" comments here's the deal: I can make great microfoam on my VBM. My wife not so much so her standard drink is pulling a shot and adding cold milk since "Barista Jon" is not on call 24/7. She's doing a market research study for a pod machine that has an attached electric heater/frother and is happy with how it makes the milk despite it being a meringue foam :)

We don't use a microwave and not interested in heating milk on a stove to then use a wand. Just looking for a simple one touch saelf contained heating/frothing unit that people have had a good experience with.
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I bought one for my wife to take into work. It's been sitting in my coffee cupboard since she switched jobs and no longer uses/needs it. https://www.amazo...&psc=1. PM me if you might be interested
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