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Some questions to start right to mod a roaster with TC4
I've seen a video of another person who has 'extended' their glass chamber, I'm curious, what are the dimensions of the 300g glass chamber ?
my 150g model is (roughly) 85mm OD, 75mm ID and 130mm tall


Adam_M@au wrote:
what are the dimensions of the 300g glass chamber ?
my 150g model is (roughly) 85mm OD, 75mm ID and 130mm tall

96mm ID
106mm OD
220mm length
I've ordered one of these to extend (replace) the chamber in mine:

will definitely be tall, but there is plenty of power in the fan to move the beans, should help prevent the beans from escaping. I keep ending up with too many beans in the chaff through different stages of the roast.

It would be interesting to setup a top that if you turn the dial to 11 it will blow the roasted beans out of the chamber into a container.
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I have these issue too especially during the cooling stage.
Last roaster version they add a deflector (picture 1) I am trying with stainless ball, itís not perfect but better than without (75% less). I will try to add a fan grid too.

A new deflector, I have not tested yet.
2 stainless funnel mounted top-top, some TIG welding points.
This one not fit the hole so need to be mounted inside, looking for an idea, maybe with a grid fan, water drainage grid, Ö

First test with the new beans deflector, failed with the not modified fan grid, was fully obstructed before the end of the drying phase, the complete head was floating on a bed of air and the kitchen was filling up with chaffs. Roflmao
Success with the modified fan grid.
For the cooling phase I have used more fan power than ever before, and no beans was ejected in the chaff colector.


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