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Artisan doesnt follow the profile
Hello everyone,

I was doing a small fluid bed roaster using this project;

with Arduino, MAX6675 Thermocouple, and a MOSFET but it seems as though although everything is wired correctly. The Artisan does not follow the uploaded profile on the background. I really do not know where I made a mistake but I'll upload my current settings.
It starts as if it will go following the profile then suddenly fells off and stop working each time.

Thank You for your answers. Happy happy new year to all.
Conqueror44 attached the following images:
whatsapp_image_2021-12-31_at_143132.jpeg whatsapp_image_2021-12-30_at_212413.jpeg
I believe you need to select "Start PID on CHARGE" - this tells Artisan to track the profile. Then when you start the roast, be sure to click "CHARGE" to tell Artisan the roast has started.
The same happens when you press On in Control dialog, from his picture it seems pressed, or at least in focus, from the appearance.

What I found questionable is how insanely high the P coefficient is.
The value in article is just ... for the picture... even the author mentioned the tuning importance.
For FB machines I am using the value 1 always, the lowest, because the highly turbulent nature of the thermal model of these machines.
The heater control driving for this machines is a business of I term, with an integration window of at least 10 seconds, as the I coefficient suggests. I am using even lower values, in the 0.06-0.08 ballpark.

Apart from these strictly PID tuning considerations, please also be aware that the MAX6675 marriage with Artisan PID for a FB machine BT driven power control, is not the best match you can have... this setup could be satisfactory for measurement/logging/observe, and some manual control, but for profile following... hmmm...
Thank you so much, the problem is solved now I'll check what to use as a drum :)) Waiting for your advice.
Please, can you show us the results of the "solving". I am curious...
Your problem doesn't sound as a "change a setting and rules them all"...

From FB to drum... is almost other universe :) Please detail. Grin
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