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ivitamin welcome cup

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Welcome, bob22

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Roast Color Nerdy Stuff
In keeping with the title of this thread, here's some very nerdy stuff. It's a study that delves into time spent in the development phase and color or degree-of-roast, and how both influence the results in the cup.

More nerdy stuff on roast color: Understanding Roast Color
What a great, detailed, and professional presentation of the topic. A shout of thanks to Artisan for publishing these findings and research.
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I also read the article posted here by MaKoMo. Lot's of info and very nerdy indeed. Grin I recommend it highly for those who enjoy the deep-dive.

It's interesting to me that so much effort is put into accuracy and precision of reading color, which I understand, especially for high production commercial roasters to get something close to repeatability, but we are dealing with an agricultural product that on many levels, varies widely, not only in a single-year's harvest, but also geographically, by genetics and so on...

It would be interesting to see how much variation in the degree of color measured by a professional-level color reading device is actually detectable in cupping tests.
Just to stick in my $0.02: which bean do you select? I have probably several different levels of color in my last batch, not including the kind of green beans when I forgot to hit the start button on the new to me Behmore as it beeped for attention at the 70% roast point.
Typically, roast color evaluation is measured using a typical random sample comprised of enough beans for the sample, then ground and leveled before measuring. The odd bean in the sample should be measured with the rest if the others are left in and not removed.
OK, so a single spot sample will throw up all sorts of issues. Indeed, different lighting, variances in bean, any refraction … will all add to differing results. So multiple sampling controlled lighting and data regression seem to be necessary.

I’m having a little play to see whether I can identify the matching average colour to trigger an event (different method but similar result to ColourTrak). There are a couple of different methods I’m exploring so we’ll see whether either is suitable! My poor little Raspberry Pi is going to be busy! Just a shame my coding ability is almost non-existent.

Great little thread!
I now can see why bean temp is a criteria, that is something you can measure on the fly without so many variables.

Since the maillard reaction is a function of sugar/starch carmalization might co relating sugar content in the raw bean to roast color be more appropriate? Not sure how to determine starch quantity
Edited by Piotrkurak on 03/23/2023 10:50 AM
Thread on HB about a diy color meter.


github info seems to be a work in progress, but looks like it has potential to me.

To bad I don't have a 3d printer or I'd try it now.

If you don’t have a printer there are lots of project boxes out there. I’m doing something similar and am using a small electrical junction box. A bit of plastic putty, A sharp craft knife and you should be good to go!
Also, depending on where you are, there may be very inexpensive places to have the printing done. Where I live, Craigslist, Shapeways, 3dhubs, and others....
Still I am confused about the usefulness of such methods... if they aren't able to tell you degree of roast during development, and tell you with enough precision: Drop ! 3, 2, 1 ... NOW !

Assuming the grounds measurement is reproducible enough... discussions on HB shows they aren't... will ask those following here, generically, not only the thread author Grin :
How reproducible are our roasts ?
If we decide a roast give us the right Agtron, are we able to reproduce it within the same limits as the Agtron measurement ?
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