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Hello all,

I'm new on the forum. I would like to ask something. Maybe this topic was already solved ( so if there are any solved point on my question please just give me a link were to find it).

I'm building a coffee roaster from an bread machine maker and heat gun. My goal is to install an artisan program on raspberry pi and I want to control the heat gun with SSR. On the forum I see that is this possible with TC4 but maybe is her someone who do the controlling of SSR directly with raspberry? Is this possible to implement with artisan?

Thanks in advance!

I will post my project steps on forum.
Welcome !

If you are proficient with Perl, you can modify the Artisan sources and recompile.
This way you can redirect one of the various protocols heater commands, like OT1 of TC4, to a raspi IO pin, performing actual heater (SSR) control.
The most probably you should check fireslideraction, in .../src/artisanlib/main.py

An alternative is use of an external ssr/relay device, like a phidget.
Or build yourself such interface using an Arduino, a stripped down version of TC4, just the control part, without TC4 shield for temperatures acquisition.
First thanks for so quick response!

I'm not familiar with Perl but I any case I can check the source code and try to figure out this redirection of the protocols ( I will ask some friends for help).

I will check what you purpose to check.

I have some same SSR/relays which are same like phidget. If y go ahead with arduino without temperatures acquisitions I need to think about how to implement the temperature acquisition differently if I'm thinking in right direction?

From you opening post initial requirement I supposed you have solved the temperature acquisition by other method, there are a lot...
But if this, i.e. temperature acquisition, is also an open position on the checklist, then better solve both with a TC4 proven solution.
greencardigan posted somewhere his raspi-tc4 completed setup, check his threads.
The open issue is just control of the ssr/relay with rasp instead arduino or TC4. I see the post of greencardigan they have also complete instalation and everithing else on ginthub. So I'm familiar with this setup. I will try to somehow redirect the controler from TC4 to rasp.

Control from rasp, i.e. from Artisan... why ?
Why. I wrote in my first post that I want to avoid TC4 and I want to do everything with Raspberry and Artisan software. This is all.
Ok, good luck with this.
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