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ANSA - AI driven roasting


...an innovative method based on dielectric heating to activate the beans by applying energy to roast to perfection from the core to the shell. The roasting process is governed by AI that replaces the human operator ...

Other words... they microwave the beans... already heard this story... in other fairy tale.
Well they convinced someone that ist worth 9 million. But then look at what people thing Chat$bucks is worth. https://dailycoff...ne-launch/
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I would title the article “Alexa Meets Office Coffee”. At first glance I was thinking why would anyone trust a chatbot roasting their coffee in a microwave but after considering the intended audience, office workers, who are captive to some of the worst possible swill imaginable, it will probably be a huge upgrade. Plus there’s the added bonus that the staff will be much happier knowing they are being “totally sustainable” said with valleygirl inflection.
1/2 lb and 1 lb drum, Siemens Sirocco fluidbed, presspot, chemex, cajun biggin brewer from the backwoods of Louisiana
I don't know where you could do this roasting, every place I ever worked it was a fight just to have a brewer. Smokeless? I don't think so unless it's running a hepa filter. Definitely not odorless which was another series of issues.

Are people who buy this stuff actually cognizant of good roasted coffee or are they just getting fresh not Starbucks burnt beans?
I agree on the smoke. While you can reduce it to a small trace, it's still there regardless of how small the batch.

On the so-called "sustainable" green marketing hype, it would be an interesting exercise to do a real kbtu/Kg when comparing these machines with a large batch drum roaster. I'd bet the so-called carbon footprint of these microwave roasters with the less efficient small scale roast is much worse than the large batch gas fired drums. Now, factor in the much increased energy usage of the delivery of green coffee from distribution warehouse to individual offices and travel for service techs when they break down compared to delivering those nasty large cans of coffee which are normally brought in by office managers or staff during their normal travel to the office. In the end, this method of getting office coffee will most likely be much more energy intensive and drastically increase that pesky CO2.
1/2 lb and 1 lb drum, Siemens Sirocco fluidbed, presspot, chemex, cajun biggin brewer from the backwoods of Louisiana
I agree about they AREN'T sustainably green. However, the last couple places I worked company provided coffee via a service, or bulk buys from Staples, seldom needing employee purchases. Slightly greener, maybe, if you consider scale being an ecological savings and people powered walking deliveries.
AI is as idiotic as the buttplugs trying to push it. Granted some want a device that can do all the work and thinking for them, but the human brain will never be outdone regardless of technological breakthroughs. If something like that ever gets in my way it will meet destructive consequences without question!
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