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Skywalker, the ALM chinese one pound roaster
Looks like it's a branded version, that's not the ITOP logo on the front. I'd guess it's otherwise identical.


billsey wrote:

Looks like it's a branded version, that's not the ITOP logo on the front. I'd guess it's otherwise identical.

Ya. Seem like another company took the oem and rebranding in white colour. Too bad, they still don’t package with artisan or ‘artisan like’ features

Now I’m trying to get Arduino to make my own. Try to follow the guide in this forum.
ITOP does not mean genuine, is just one of the sellers, they are more quoted than other as first on Alibaba with this machine.
Later having claims they will issue their own improved version, but there is no evidence they are equipment manufacturers.
So I got low enough on coffee that today was the day to roast a new batch so I could have some for next week. Rolled the ITOP into the kitchen, plugged it in and the display shows an E1 code. :( I've sent the ITOP store a message and will do one more batch with the Behmor. I'm not going to open it up until I hear from them, I expect there is a wire loose rather than a bad sensor, but I've been wrong before...
A somewhat new model popped up in searches on Aliexpress, exhibiting some notable news/changes:
- first time clear info about manufacturer:


Richy (Foshan) Industries and Investments Co., Ltd established in 2007 with 16 years experience in coffee and water related products.
Foshan Akimita Household Appliances Co.,Ltd belong to Richy's OEM/ODM manufacturer of coffee equipments.

- patents claims... but without evidence, just some certificate pictures small enough to be illegible.

- a redesigned, more streamlined beans loading chute, but still without the ability to accommodate a full load, like a hopper.

- a CGI of power board, without any evidence of an improvement of the main issue we all know.

- a drawing showing a back to back production style roasting that seems very strange for me... claiming that you can preheat machine for next roast, while cooling the actual roasted batch... crazy !
See attached image.

... and a lot of pictures from inside the manufacturing facility.

renatoa attached the following image:
That link shows up for me as "no longer available" and at over $600 with shipping to the USA.
Big Brother... Shock

For my area, eastern EU, shipping is about $100, could be a regional warehouse, not mainland.
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