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Greetings from the San Francisco Bay area
Greetings to all. I am new to roasting coffee and was able to get a used Behmor 1600plus to get this hobby started. I make my own beer too and that has been a lot of fun. I am 58, married with two adult kids. I enjoy sports, baseball mostly, and music (80's rock and country are my fave's) I am currently working on restoring my dad's 56 Chevy Belair. It has been sitting for about 10 years or so and my son and I are trying to get it going again. I work as a 911 operator for a small city in the Bay Area and have been doing it for over 20 years. About ready to retire and move out of California and start traveling the country to see what I can see.

Anyway, sorry to ramble, but just wanted to say hi.

Welcome! Great greeting !

Nothing about SF sourdough bread ? You broke my heart... Grin
Welcome! It took retirement to give me the time I needed to complete my roaster. Looks like that works for your Bel-Aire! :-)
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