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aArtisanQ_PID and Arduino UNO R4
Hi all
I wonder if anyone has thought about adapting aArduinoQ_PID to work on the new UNO R4 board.

The new board is dramatically improved speed, more flash, RAM & EPROM and a Built in DAC and BT 5.

How much work would be involved to update the AVR libraries to work on the new CPU ?

Maybe someone more expert than me could comment ?
Crem ONE LFPP, Compak K10F, 6kg FB LPG/PID aArtisanQ_PID, UNO/LCDapter
Tried a first compile and found what I expected: different architecture, thus he whole timers stuff must be rewritten.
Parts affected: slow pulsed heater control, and PAC, used for speed control of fans fitted with AC motors.
Some configurations, using ICC for heater and PWM for DC fans could be ported pretty easy.
Same as for the ESP migration already did.

I could dig deeper, but without having a TC4 board I probably won't be able to fully test it to ensure full porting.

Also, unlike ESP boards, Uno R4 memory increase is not so significant to allow code additions to raise the board capabilities to a level worth the change.
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