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Fatamorgana electric drum roaster
Seems like a great value but I can't find any track record or many reviews. All comments welcome
Welcome to HRO, Andrew !

If you mean this:

... then it seems an apparently better build variation of Boca Boca roaster, i.e. a radiant roaster, drum is for agitation only.

Not sure if the exhaust I see in the video is part of the setup, but it is mandatory imo, else chaff will burn inside.

Cooler also seems optional.
Nowhere have I seen the full setup, with exhaust and cooler.

The bare mechanics are available at $124, to roast over a stove.
Seems interesting at this price, for a tinkerer

The roasting results should be in the same league as Boca Boca, imo, you could look there for reviews.

LE: found on Amazon the complete electric setup, no more available, no price, with favorable reviews.
The gas/stove version is $238
The combo unit chaff extractor+cooler can be found alone for $88

Regarding the roasting approach, you should be aware about the radiant nature of this roaster requires a special power management in the browning phase, else the beans will burn, due to the increased energy absorption.
More on this you can read in the Skywalker roaster main thread.
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