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Where do YOU get your green beans?
In order of most pounds purchased:

1) The Roasterie www.theroasterie.com (by far, the best quality - snobbishly elite quality, and free shipping over $40)

2) Coffee Bean Direct www.coffeebeandir...(very good prices, free shipping over 25#)

3) Sweet Marias www.sweetmarias.com (roasted some a friend brought over)


#1) http://www.greenc...ngclub.com

#2) http://www.sweetm...
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Check out: http://garybt3.go...s.com/home
#1 Sweet Maria's
#2 Roast a Bean http://www.roasta.../store.asp
#3 Whiff Roasters http://www.whiffr...

Roast a Bean is where I bought my Gene Cafe and it came with 8 lbs. of different coffees. Sweet Maria's was next and I got 12 lbs. there. now I have been getting all my beans from Dennis at Whiff Roasters and have gotten very good deals from him. Whiff is about 20 miles away from me, so it is nice to go there and also learn from his experience.
bjanis, I can't find links to green coffee at whiffroasters. Do they sell green beans walk-in only?

99% Sweet Marias
1% gifts


seedlings wrote:
bjanis, I can't find links to green coffee at whiffroasters. Do they sell green beans walk-in only?



I don't know if he wants to do that right now. He is getting into his busy season, but I'll ask or you can too!!!!
90% of my poundage for personal use and gift giving at Sweet Maria

5% I receive as gifts, either green or already roasted

90% of my market coffee from Royal

10% of my market from Sweet Maria

I am going to sign up at the co-op and check it out as well as The Coffee Project (http://www.coffee...index.html) that I learned about today.They have some of the funky coffees I really like. We will see. Update to follow.



at 93/94 today B)B)GrinGrin
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I have tried Burman, and Sweet Maria in the past. However, I most pleased with www.bunafr.com. Their coffees are of highest quality, slightly overpriced, but no shipping fees.
In Europe, i order mainly from https://koffiebra...oepoort.nl , good selection of green beans.
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The above is endorsed by a post in a local forum, as a good source...
My goto is Coffee Bean Corral

Lately, I've been buying mostly from The Captain's Coffee.


Not necessarily the cheapest, but they have had some really good coffees lately, getting beans one doesn't see elsewhere. They have become my go to source for beans . I still buy from Sweet Maria's occasionally, but not so much in the last few years.
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Sweet Maria’s 100%
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New US source for small bags:


renatoa wrote:

New US source for small bags:

Interesting site. It's nice to see a new socially aware green coffee distributor.
Limited selection though.

EDIT: Here is a link to their site.

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