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Home growing and roasting
DIY Coffee
Hi all, I've been growing my own coffee for about ten years. I get asked about it all the time so I decided to make a you tube channel to document the process I use. @diy.coffee

I'd love some feed back and even some additional tips and tricks added to the comments if you see something I'm missing.
Cheers, Tony
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Excellent video! Thanks for posting. I'd love to try this, but living in the greater Seattle area, with our cool, wet, maritime weather and mild, but colder winters with temps averaging in the plus or minus freezing range, it just wouldn't work. Looks like a great hobby, something like growing your own grapes and making wine from them.

But that said, a few years ago, I was visiting a local coffee roaster that had a coffee plant in the lobby. I thought it was a ficus benjamina tree commonly used as an indoor plant, but it had coffee cherries on it. I asked about it and the owner gave me a small plant that came from one of the lobby plant's seeds. After about 5 years, it's still a small house plant. Love seeing it's beautiful, shiny leaves!
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DIY Coffee
Thanks mate! Yeah, you'd need a greenhouse to get much of a crop but they do make nice house plants.
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