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10/15/2021 2:19 AM
merlot85, maycondelpiero and hoeltz, Welcome !

10/14/2021 10:06 AM
Thanks for the addition to the group. Seriously considering building a drum roaster along the lines of oldgrumpus's. Love the design and craftsmanship.

10/14/2021 4:00 AM
Morning, ar3mia ! and... coffee drink

10/12/2021 11:55 AM
Evan Slack and CupOfJoe, Welcome !

10/07/2021 3:24 AM
Larry140, Roastiva and fkrauthan, Welcome !

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India Anohki - Liberica - Sweet Maria's
John Despres
I roasted the Liberica Monday (Jan 14) afternoon. Gene Cafe, 229g, First crack at 12:11 and stopped at 15:00. Profile: 5 minutes at 300F, 482 until first crack then 456 for remainder, cooled in the vacuum colander. Full city.

During the roast, there was a definite pungent aroma, if aroma is the
right word. Anyway, after cooling, and after a few minutes in the jar, I
opened it to take a deep breath. WHOA!!! That does not smell like
coffee... Well, it does, but not any coffee I've ever experienced. In
fact, I couldn't bring myself to brew a cup right away. For some reason,
it does have all the signs of turning into something special, just like
the aged Sumatra Mendheling does with a proper rest period.

Rested 36 hours, french press. First taste is astonishing. I'm not sure I was expecting this - very fruity, macadamia nut, oddly sweet; almost inappropriately so. Blueberry is there all along but makes a bigger appearance as the cup cools. Nice body with a very long, lingering aftertaste.

It is indeed and intense, almost shocking cup of coffee. At first whiff, I was afraid I wasn't going to like it at all. But then I like ales with huge hops content and dry cabs that suck the moisture right out of me. It seems to be a perfect fit.

I'll let it continue to rest. I think I was advise to give it 5 days, but I decided to stop in early & see how the patient is doing.

A few thoughts

Number one - I like this coffee!
Number two - I haven't the foggiest idea what I'm going to drink for the rest of the day. Maybe some aged Sumatra...
Number three - It's definitely not an after dinner coffee for your typical guest.
Number four - I like this coffee, but I think it's going to remain a private experience.

More in two days as it rests.
Edited by EddieDove on 01/24/2008 7:30 AM
Respect the bean.
John Despres
Fresh Roast 8, Gene Cafe, JYTT 1k, Quest M3, Mazzer Mini, Technivorm, various size presses and many more brewers.
Kaffee Bitte
I had noticed this coffee at SM many times recently and nearly pulled the trigger. It sounded very interesting but I just couldn't stomach the price per pound. I'll be interested to see what you think after it's rested a bit more.

"Some days it's spice, other days it's bitter dirt."
Lynn, this is the only "pricey" coffee I have ever purchased that was worthwhile from an experience standpoint. Kona, Geisha, blue mountain - all good coffees, but nothing like the experience of this one. I think I saw that it is still there. I would give it a go still. I could not drink it every day, or maybe every week, but neither could I drink an oak aged hoppy barelywine every day, but once in a blue moon, it is worth the 3x price. I can't say that about any of the "good" coffees.
John Despres
After I tasted the Liberica yesterday morning, it took me several hours to lose it. It's HUGE! I'll try it again tomorrow morning as a whole cup, but for now, on advice, I've blended about 15% with the Bali Kintamani. It's brewing now.
Respect the bean.
John Despres
Fresh Roast 8, Gene Cafe, JYTT 1k, Quest M3, Mazzer Mini, Technivorm, various size presses and many more brewers.
Ooh! I can't wait to hear about that blend! I have both of those coffees ...

Do tell, John!

Eddie Dove

The South Coast Coffee Roaster
vita non est vivere sed valere vita est
Home Coffee Roasting Blog and Reference
John Despres
Bali Kintamani & 15% India Anohki blend.

I can't really get over how huge the Anohki is. It's presence is quite notable in this cup. But - the Bali tames it perfectly. Blueberry is very nice and not overpowering at all, there's still the tobacco, and chocolate of the Bali.

Brewed in the dripper, Swissgold for the thermos.

This is a blend I will try again.
Respect the bean.
John Despres
Fresh Roast 8, Gene Cafe, JYTT 1k, Quest M3, Mazzer Mini, Technivorm, various size presses and many more brewers.
Hey, Ginny, in HRO rev 7.0, what's the max filesize for taste attachments? I'm afraid this thread may be over the limit!

Great read, John!

Roaster: CoffeeAir II 2# DIY air roaster
Grinder: Vintage Grindmaster 500
Brewers: Vintage Cory DCU DCL, Aeropress, Press, Osaka Titanium pourover
Kaffee Bitte
Thanks for the vote Alchemist. In my tries of the more expensive coffees there has only really been one that is worth buying for me. That has been consistently the Aussie Mountain Top Estate. Love it! One of the best single origin espressos I have ever had.

I will definitely get a couple pounds of this Anohki Liberica.

"Some days it's spice, other days it's bitter dirt."
I won't say "you won't be sorry" or "I know you will love it" but I think I am completely certain you will be able to say you have never tasted anything like it. It's intense. But again, not to say good (nor is that to say bad lol ). It's just another order of magnitude of intense from arabica.

It's like living in the world of variations of hot peppers and only knowing types of jalape?os and anchos and suddenly tasting a habenero - there are just no words to describe the experience to someone who has not tasted one. I mean 15% actually comes through!!!

Oh, and I found it to be more dried huckleberry than blueberry.
Kaffee Bitte
I have no problem trying weird coffees at all. Infact I usually enjoy the experience due to its oddity. This will be an experience I have never had before and that is a beautiful thing. The reason I kept looking at the Anohki is that I had always wanted to try coffea liberica but never had the oppotunity before. So I am going to pull the trigger on this one, just for something wildly different.

And just as a side note question. Does this coffee have caffeine content similar to robusta or is it more like an arabica? Anyone get severe jitters from it?

"Some days it's spice, other days it's bitter dirt."
Nothing out of the ordinary IMO, caffeine wise. Then again, I drink 32 oz of coffee every morning and usually 2-3 doubles and that just feeds the habit.


Please report back what you think. BTW, I liked this just barely shy of 2nd with 3-4 days rest. And the espresso was just plain bizarre.
Kaffee Bitte
My caffeine intake is pretty similar in the mornings. 1 32 oz french press. Two doubles per sixteen ounce of that pressing. Thus my day begins. I actually have a name that goes with this drink that I adapted slightly from the Double Shot in the Dark (aka the double barrel shotgun) I call this quad shot french pressing a Blunderbus.

The rest of the day sees me drinking a few doubles here and there as straight shots, when the need arrises.

"Some days it's spice, other days it's bitter dirt."
I received a pound of this coffee as a gift from my neighbor and it is everything people are saying about it. I know it's pricey (that much is true), but I haven't experienced a coffee with this much blueberry and fruit in the aroma ever.

I first noticed something was seriously different after roasting this coffee. The variety of color was quite striking and fairly uneven. I roasted it just to the first few snaps of 2nd and cooled it really fast.

The next opportunity to notice something unique was when it had rested overnight (vac-sealed in Mason jars). I popped the lids on the jars the next morning to reseal and the aroma was incredible. I've never smelled that much floral and berries in any coffee. It's truly powerful with aroma and you can't get enough!

I let it rest 2 days and pulled a cup. That same incredible floral aroma was right there in the cup.

Even if you only spend the $17 for one pound, this is a coffee not to be missed IMO.


I had the opportunity to try a few Oz of this coffee and it was indeed interesting. I roasted it to somewhere around City/City+ on an IRoast2. It has a very powerful aroma both wet and dry. I found the flavor to be very pleasant, especially as the coffee cooled. It is certainly a unique find. I did feel a little different after drinking it, so it might indeed have a different caffeine content or something.

The smell of the stuff still dominates my compost bucket.
I pulled a shot of Liberica for a coffee fiend who wanted to experience this very different coffee. He liked it, but that's not why I'm posting. Immediately afterward I pulled a shot of 100% Brazil yellow bourbon to make an Americano for myself. Prominent in the cup was the blueberry from the previous Liberica, but not the 'wet straw.' Just the little bit left in the grinder had a profound effect on this Brazillian. I'm guessing that it amounted to the equivalent of one or two beans. This tells me four things:

1. The Liberica is not subtle.
2. The Liberica's 'rustic' flavor is tamed with blending.
3. Grinders should be vacuumed between grinding disparate coffees.
4. Brazilians do indeed make for a good base.
Edited by Dan on 06/05/2008 11:39 AM
Thats interesting Dan. I have some Liberica which I have not roasted yet and will try 10% of it with a Brazilian. 10% of $17 is "only" $1.70 so its not even that expensive to use at 10%.


I roasted seven pounds of coffee this morning.
I added four ounces of Liberica.
That's less than five percent, and it still dominates.

I guess I'll have to get up again tomorrow morning to roast some more to tone it down. Like that's a real chore.
David, thanks for testing my hypothesis! If I had 2 beans out of about 200 in a double shot, then my cup was about 1% Liberica. It was faint, but easily identifiable. I think we are on to something.

Which is the better neutral base? Brazil? Costa Rica La Minita?
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