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Javabot does it all
I don't recall anyone mentioning this before, but this just showed up in Design News 04.07.08. This is a green-to-cup factory built around a super-automated air spout roaster!


Sorry, but there's a short 8-second advertisement to be endured before you can see the article.
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John Despres
Interesting. At Grand Valley State University (Just outside Grand Rapids) there are a couple professors working on a similar automated machine for the home.

The idea is you load the green bean hopper, fill the resevoir with water, set the timer, set the grind, set degree of roast and go to bed. In the morning, you've got fresh coffee when you wake up.

There's also the real good chance you'll have the fire department there puttin out the house fire for an untended roast.

Ant way this project is being developed to help out the communities who grow our beans.

That's about all I know. There was a short undetailed article in a recent graduate magazine. Lea earned her masters degree there so she passed the article on to me.

If I learn more, I'll share.
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