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Apples v. caffeine
One article was this short piece:

Are Apples Equivalent to Caffeine? Nope, They're Better!

(Main Page: http://EzineArtic...say_Miller)

There is another, much longer article I will need to go back and find. Willpost later.


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Apples! Glad to hear this. I'm already a big apple fan. For me they're also the best antacid. Gimmee a Fuji over a Tums any day. I think the mild acidity (about the same as coffee) is perfect for convincing my innards they don't need to produce any more acid.
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Ginny, Yeh, but Apples don't have caffeine in them and the article doesn't say apples are "better at KEEPING YOUR AWAKE than coffee" like the poll said. Nor does it identify the "mystery chemical" in apples that has the same effect as caffeine.

I've never heard of truckers keeping a bag of apples on the seat to keep them awake. I know they keep a thermos of coffee there.

Sure apples have sugar in them so they will give you an energy boost, but that doesn't keep you awake, and I imagine that those other fruits have as much, or more, sugar in them than apples. So, apples don't give you a bigger sugar buzz than the other fruits.

I think your poll, while fun, was misleading. I'd like to see the poll reflect the truth and be educational, too.

Good poll design includes and opt-out selection. I've mentioned this before. So something like a "none of the above" is always a good idea, and in the case, would have been the correct answer.

Just something to think about for future polls. I'd hate for HR to get the reputation for spreading urban myths.

PS: The current question is not a sentence. I think you meant to say, "Espresso has how much less caffeine THAN a regular cup of coffee?
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