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general regulatory experiences lately
Hoomin Bean
My RK mobile, documented in this section, has been cheerfully passed by my Department of Agriculture Inspector, who rules, in our state, over wholesale and any food service where the local county health department does not have staff to provide jurisdiction. I have a county with plenty of Health Department staff, reputation: toughest in the state, and my application is in to them for a farm market that opens early June. Feels good so far, since they are asking questions about tent flooring and handwash sinks, rather than "what the heck are you talking about - you want to roast coffee????"

My alleged 2008 business expansion is lurking in a gray area here, on purpose. If I am approved by state and county both I can roast on location, keeping beans, etc loaded on the truck, and do any misc washing, etc, at the commissary associated with my beverage concession. I'm a couple months away from a inspected location to store and roast in, so I am falling through the cracks as an exclusively itinerant vendor.

kinda like those Italian roasting peddlers you can read about.


Thanks for the input on your "confirmation."

I have fallen through the cracks twice, once in California and the other here in Arizona.

We, coffee roasters, do not FIT the standard, no one knows what to do or really wants to address the unknown with our "coffee roasting concepts." Roast coffee!! Only Folgers and Maxwell House do that and maybe Starbucks.

I ended getting a food handlers license here in Arizona and was allowed to be a permanent "guest chef" at the local markets. In short it means I can roast almost anywhere since I do not "handle" food. The local governments simply do not know what to do with coffee roasters!

Keep us posted. Are you going to rent space to roast in and will that allow you to take already
roasted coffee to the markets?

thanks in advance,


Hoomin Bean
That's really interesting - that you roast as a guest chef - substantially true but kinda weird, like you said: they don't know what to do.

In a month or so I hope to have an inspected kitchen where I can roast in advance, as well as at the market, but meantime, I have been roasting at an Undisclosed Location, taking it as whole beans to shows where I set up my whole espresso truck, tent, etc, as my drip/iced coffee. I can't really use that location at all in conversation with an Inspector, so I will create an overage of coffee in my inventory by arriving very early (it is a 2-7 pm wed market) and roasting before we open. But you can also be certain that I will arrive with a (closed) box of roasted coffee from the good old UD.

That market opens next Wednesday. I will get my county inspection then, and will post pictures.
Hoomin Bean
Everything went very well with the inspection. The main concerns were the usual - dust control, refrigeration, etc - that pertain to my beverage menu. The roasting was just something else I was doing, that had no food hazards associated.

This is such a cool farm market. All organic, all producer. Located on a historic site, within view of a busy road. A baker that grinds her own flour. A goat milk soap guy. A nice percentage of Amish farmers from the next county. Grab your iced latte on the way in.
Hoomin Bean attached the following image:
Hoomin Bean
The "foodservice cooler" from the contest.
Hoomin Bean attached the following image:
Hoomin Bean
and my dear daughter Mary (kid #3 of 4)

We've already had a couple people buy two bags because they couldn't make it the following week, and didn't want to run out! Currently roasting a Sumatran. I continue to buy our espresso blend from Torreo Roasters in Philadelphia, but have purchased no drip coffee this year, since I started up again in April. Everything is our own roast, and it's almost too successful, as it undercuts more expensive drinks. :( On the other hand, margins on drip used to make it a throwaway, and now there is a much lower cost of goods.

I've reiterated my gratitude in the past, but let me say again, even though I don't post much, I learned 80% of what I needed to do this right here.
Hoomin Bean attached the following image:
Ed, That's great news and it is fun to see you and your setup! Congrats on making it through the inspection. Time to reap the rewards. Dan

so GREAT, congratulations!!

Your setup looks wonderful, family helping is always super.

Thanks for the photo's. We want more guy.

I am jealous since I will need to start all over here in the boonies!!

Thank you for keeping us in the loop.


want more pics
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