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What's in your cup?
OK, I've finished all 24 pages of what was in folks' cups from 2008 to December 2010 . . . way more information than can be assimilated in one or two casual readings, but fascinating all the same.

Why has the thread fizzled? Can this rekindle it?:

An hour ago: The last of the Kona "extra fancy" my friends brought back from their Hawai'i trip. Will seek out the name of the co-op next time I'm in the basement. Had to have a cup of something after roasting for 2 hours (79g at a pop, between 6:00 and 10:00 for each, with long breaks when I wander off for this or that).

I love how the house smells now.

The last two batches I roasted were the self-same Kona, but it's going to the gifters. I'll have to be content with the generic Yirg (all I know is it's fair-trade and organic; ditto with the Mexican), and the Josuma Monsooned Malabar. (obtained last year through Caf? El Bonito/; I sure miss them!).

My two favorite threads are Whats in your Cup and Whats in your Roaster. I miss this thread also and have read everything.
This AM have to drive up to KY for Big Sandy Watershed meeting and back for school board meeting by 4PM so in hurry but:

First cup of AM Eth Yirgacheffe Koke Co-op. Roasted on 2/19 to C+. Amazing sweet and its a bright coffee. Can really taste the fruit.

My second cup to be ready this AM when I go out the door. I'll be taking this one with me in an Oxo stainless one cupper.....Kenya Kianamui Kirinyaga. Again this one went to C+ on 2/13 and it will blow your mind. I wait about an hour to start sipping it because as it gets cooler it is so much more delicious. The natural sugars and orangy fruits are magnified. I certainly agree with the international cupping score(94.1) here.
Glad you resurrected this thread.
El Salvador Matalapa -Tablon El Amate, very tasty, especially as it cools a bit. It seems to be improving each morning - hasn't reached a flavor 'peak' yet, roasted one week ago today.
Funny... I'm sipping El Salvador Finca la Florida. Malty, buttery, caramel, sweet. Good stuff on 1 day rest.

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Thanks, Gene, BV, Chad. My faith in the universe is restored.

But now I have song lyrics stuck in my head: ?Bury me, along the Big Sandy, under the blue Kentucky sky-y-y!?

If you moved, Gene, you could roast a KY Kenya Kainamui Kirinyaga. But even without the extra K, it sounds like a phenomenal cup!

First cup of the day here was odds and sods near the end of my 2/14 roast: two generic Sumatra Mandhelings combined with a generic Costa Rica. Passable. Second cup should have been the El Salvador Cerro las Ranas* (also from 2/14) but I could not resist Clevering the Yirgacheffe from Caf? Campesino I roasted last night.

It had only rested 23 hours (took it the edge of 2C: 6:40 in the Wearever Pumper from cold), but I?ve been missing Yirg so. I can still taste it an hour and a half later. Rich goodness that will only improve over the next few days.

May have to spring for a pound or two of the the Kirinyaga Gachami that SM is offering. Maybe it will give an inkling of the Kainamui.

*A marvelous roaster in Richmond, CA, was kind enough to ship me some Cerro las Ranas greens after a good bit of pestering. In spite of the excellent name, the coffee has just not been floating my boat. Also, I call dibs on verbing ?Clever?--but haven't googled it yet.
I'm sometimes a day late and often a dollar short, but what is "Clever" in that context?

Roaster: CoffeeAir II 2# DIY air roaster
Grinder: Vintage Grindmaster 500
Brewers: Vintage Cory DCU DCL, Aeropress, Press, Osaka Titanium pourover
CHAD, I'm betting it is coffeenerd tough-talk for "brewing in a Clever Coffee Dripper." Just a guess, though. Too early for deconstruction of language in the interpretive community (read: only the first cup of Kenyan down the hatch so far). :)

Bengreen, I think it's yours to claim. Because I couldn't help my wordnerd self:
and comment #35 here http://whatever.s...of-clever/

Just think... somewhere at sometime some folks had this same conversation about verbing laser, Xerox, Google, Facebook, et al. Love it.

proud coffee nerd/word nerd/nerd
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Colombia Finca Buenavista -Carlos Imbachi ( purchased Aug '10 and greens kept in deep freeze until last week). Wonderful chocolates as it cools. 6 days rest. -bill
CHAD: DavidG hit the nail on the head.

David, nice to meet a fellow wordnerd! Thanks for the link, and for the attribution. The thread contained examples of others verbing clever (I still chuckle every time I use "verb" as a verb), some of them perfectly acceptable by my lights. But none used clever in the sense to which I am staking my claim.

This morning: the Cerro de las Ranas (El Salvador, roasted 2/14 in two 79g batches, the first of which I switched from one Pumper to the other after beginning of 1C--at 2:35. NOT a good experiment. I think 1C resumed at 4:40! drinkable results, at least)

Afternoon: the generic Mexican from Campesino, roasted 2/22 in Pumper newly outfitted with cheapo grilling probe that indicated 390? at 3:15, with 1C reached at 4:10/405? and roast stopped at 9:45/446? ). It was a civil, balanced if bland cup. I don't trust that probe.

Evening: Campesino Yirgacheffe, roasted 2/22 to ~City+ (6:40 in the weaker Pumper without warmup. Before installation of probe, so no temperature reading). A great cup but overshadowed by last night?s Yirg, which was batch two same date and taken to Full City+.

To date I lack the palate (and probably the roasting skills) to describe anything beyond rich bitterness, or delightful bitter richness. Sigh. But was fascinated to note that tonight?s Yirg paired very well with a green salad (with a garlic vinaigrette). Had been expecting the opposite, based on past experiences with wine and salad.

Now to see if the degree symbols turn out.
in future I will try to split some information off into "What's in your roaster?"

Definitely will if my eBay Hottop ever arrives. Not optimistic.
DavidG: I just read "The Failure Mode of Clever" (in typical ADD fashion, I had (literally) about 100 browser tabs open when I wandered off earlier, and reviewed them one by one while in the shutdown process.

Hope I haven't entered that mode with my attempted cleveration in verbing clever! Wouldn't be the first time.
Josuma Monsooned Malabar this morning; three days' rest was not enough. Though the aftertaste was still lovely half an hour or more after I finished the cup.

Not touching it for another 5 days at least. (A Malabar Gold I roasted last year was still improving at day 12!)
Saturday: Kona Fancy #18 from Kona Pacific Farmers Cooperative (friends who gave it to me wouldn't accept all I tried to give them back post-roast! i.e., they took some but left me a couple more cups' worth)

Sunday: OG/FT Yirg (Cafe Campesino still) . . . hasn't improved much with the additional rest.
sigh, nothing but variations on the above theme until today, when I couldn't wait another day to taste the Ethiopia Sidama Bonko I roasted last night. Though it should have rested at least 12 more hours.

The initial results are promising, and I enjoyed them much more than the first cup of the day (the tail end of the Monsooned Malabar).

Nothing has been wowing me lately. Even the last of the Yirg.
No one?

For the past few days here it's been Kenya Kirinyaga Gachami taken through C1, or the Sidama Bonko (also at end of C1, or a bit into C2--two distinct batches), or the Josuma AA Monsooned Malabar (finished it finally).

I'm coming to the conclusion that I'm a coffee Philistine. Not only do I not taste any of the fruit or spice notes people cite, but some of them I don't WANT to taste. (for example, pepper, black tea. Yuck; I want my coffee to taste like coffee.

The same thing happened with me and wine. For decades I was stuck at the, "I want a big, full-bodied, fruity red, and if it's got a lot of oak, even better!"

Got over that about 11 years ago.

It's not helping that my olfactory sense is much more acute than my tongue/palate.
bengreen, I also struggle to identify the fruited tones in my cup. But I know what I like, and this morning it's one of my all time favorites.

Costa Rica Tarrazu Montes do Oro roasted to FC+ on a 3 day rest.

This was one of the coffees that impressed me a few years ago when I started roasting my own. I always look for it when it comes on the market, and order enough to get me through a year. Which really isn't that much with all the excellent coffees available, and a stash oh 15 - 20 different beans at any time.
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Indiana Randy
This morning did a blend of Costa Rica, Brazil and India. The Costa Rica was a dark roast, the others were a light roast. Tasted pretty much like a smooth Folgers.

I need to get better at roasting. Shock
Today is Guatemala SHB Huehuetenango El Injertal not quite to 2C on 4 days rest roasted by my friend Matt. Medium bright, classic Guat, very smooth medium body with a gentle tart fruit finish that lingers delightfully without any dryness at all. Reminds me of my mom's cherry/rhubarb crunch.

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Guatemala El Injerto Pacamera - a very enjoyable coffee this morning!
Oh my oh my! Just got back from vacation -- usually a scary prospect from the coffee standpoint. But, while in San Juan...

Got to meet Pablo Munez, a micro-roaster in his roastery/cafe, and Marianna, his wife and my barista. Got to taste his coffee that he roasted. That he harvested and processed. That he grew on his family's formerly abandoned coffee farm. Typica that he re-planted on the farm several years ago. In Yauco. Read more at www.cuatrosombras....

The heavy fruits and wines in the cup and in the shots we cupped! Oh my! Maybe when I follow-up with Pablo, I can find out about buying some green for us all.

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Costa Rica Hernan Solis Villa Sarchi - delicious, tastes of honey!
Tomorrow gonna do a 100% SO: Papua New Guinea. :Clap:

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I heard a rumor that the world might end.....Saturday.
With that in mind, I'd figured I'd go top-shelf for the weekend apocalypse.
I'm going with a light roast hopes of some blueberry.
In the off chance that the apocalypse kicks in, it might become french-roast....We'll see. -Scott
columbian roasted in my homebuild roaster designed by Insanity INC. Beans been sitting for about a week due to having to make an emergency run to Nebraska.

Aroma upon opening the jar is very pleasing and clean, no funk to it.

I drink my coffee hot black and strong as an Ox, and this is one that stands up to that type of brewing, 12 cups of water and 12 tablespoons of freshly ground coffee will deffinately wake you up.ThumbsUp
I pour Iron and roast Coffee BeansThumbsUp
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Roasted an Ethiopia Sidamo Guji Cooperative DP bean yesterday. Will probably grind some tomorrow. Starting to like the dry processed beans from Ethiopia...thanks John!
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